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The Hack

Indeed, Tony. Message to Brett: don't let the door belt you in the arse on the way out. You might be a New South Welshman, but even that won't save you as you concede five runs for every one of your stinking, overblown overs.


Oops, premature posting. I hadn't quite finished polishing that post.

Never the less, you're right, Hack. I reckon Lee needs to go back to the Puras and work on his control. At least until McGrath gets back. If McGrath gets back. I hate the fact that I can't "expect" a maiden ever three or four overs. Very sloppy.


I second the motion.


I third it. I felt like voting twice.


I Fourth the motion, he had his chance to shine, in fact, more then a few chances, and he's let us down.



As for our slopping batting. Is there any hard core Aussie cricket fan - commentating spruikers excluded - who didn't think it would go this way? We just don't know how to grind. The Indians play on that beautifully. That said Pathan's two wicket balls were gems and Kumble bowled marvellously.


Welcome back everyone. It's *sob* nice to see you again.


Who's everyone?


And Bracken can get lost too ... I do not know what he was trying to do yesterday, flapping in, putting it 6-12 inches outside the off stump while they just stood there and saved their energy for the last session. "You want to bowl out there sonny, go ahead, I'll just stand here and watch them go by and you'll get sick of it a damn sight sooner than I will".

I'm sure he's a lovely lad and all that, very popular with the social set with that blonde hair and baby blue eyes ... but what about a bit of ugly for chrissakes? Where's Merv, where's Lenny, where's Fot? I miss those filthy sods ... now all we get is mummys' boys.

(Howja like that apostrophe Tone? smack dab in the right spot.)

Brett Pee

Bracko is not up to the job, McGill an expensive luxury BUT all Brett needs is fine tuning. All he needs to do is (1)Cut out the no-balls (2) Cut 5 yards off his run up (3) Concentrate on off stick (4) Listen to Lawsons advice (5) Become a wine connesiour and marry a tv actress.


Bracken need,s to be a little quicker, and a lot nastier.

And as I said above, Lee need's to make some adjustment's. He's got the raw material, he just need's to harnes's it better.

They all need to follow Mark Waugh's' lead and marry scrubbe'rs.

Poosible apostrophe proposterousness. Say that with a mouth full of salada's'.

Brett Pee

Kan enyone spel Korecterly on this page??



Brett Pee

Christ, even Roebuck thinks that all Lee needs is a bit of touching up- bet he's volunteering for that gig.


As they said in Monty Python and the Holy Grail: "A spanking! A spanking!"

Brett Pee

SPanking Tone- surely a typo error there mate!!!


Sorry. Banking.

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