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Mike Jericho

I remember that place. Of course it has a more fond memory for me, due to the fact that I pulled mightily that night.

Sneering references to masturbation and self-gratification regardless of nature, will be sledged without mercy.


Masturbation? What? I don't get it. I thought rowing.


Christ, that's a bit harsh.


Harsh is right. What is it with regulation of bouncers? They let any old thug in on the game.

Mike Jericho

Tony, you're an Etonian sort of gent, so rowing would pop into your mind more quickly than the depraved depravities that leap effortlessly to mine.


I can pretty much guarantee, Mike, that masturbation would have entered the mind of the odd Etonian too.

James Russell

A propos of nothing, I was once mistaken for a bouncer outside a goth club.


You're a BAAAAD looking dude, James. In negative anyway.

PS: I just tidied up the double post.


Were any 'Hairy Backed Sheilas' spotted in the area beforehand?


I wouldn't be at all surprised if he'd said something like that.

Still, no reason for the bouncer to club him.


Of course not. It's absolute madness but I'm sure this sort of thing happens all around the country every night. Maybe now - it's a shame it has to take the probable death of a celebrity for something to be done about it - there will actually be some regulation on security. And I don't mean just putting a number on them and hoping for the best because at the moment it seems that if you happen to start one of these people the chances are you're going to be in a lot of trouble.


Evidently the knuckler has form. (Yes Tone, on my patch again!) The Grand in Nth Essendon.

In the face of possible scepticism I will say at the outset that, knowing the following lads, they aren't the sort to cause heavy duty trouble ... even though they are Uni stewnce.

A friend's son and a few of his mates got done over by a couple of these knucklers in Carlton. He ended up in hospital with concussion, another with broken jaw. When questions were asked by parents (of both the Pub and the local rozzers) it transpired that the lads had failed to understand the laws of gravity and had fallen off their bar stools.

Oh, and apparently the surveillance video was unfortunately on the fritz at the time of the gravity incident.

According to daughter in Sydney the controls and constraints in Sydney are tighter. (i.e. not carte Glasgow Kiss blanche.)

James Russell

I'm reading on the SMH website that Hookes has died.

Big Ramifications

Words almost fail me.

Act the fool at a pub and start shooting your mouth off at a drunk patron... maybe... just maybe... you can't complain if he tries to thump ya.

But for a sober, professional doorman to react to "lip" in such a brutal, animalistic way... jeez, I dunno.

Poor old Hookesy.

Big Ramifications

I was scribing my last before I read yours.

So on that note James, RIP Hookesy.

He is one of my VERY first memories of watching cricket. I saw the famous five 4s in-a-row off Tawny Greig live on TV with Dad. I was 8 at the time.

He went the tonk waaaay before it was OK to go the tonk. Hookesy almost single handedly made 80s domestic cricket exciting.


Adam - regarding this thing happening all the time, I was discussing just that with a friend. The worst thing about it is that it's usually the cunt with the number does the most damage. At the moment it's almost as if they've got a licence to bash.

Sedge - That agrees with what I said to Adam above. These fuckers tend to rome the burbs looking for trouble and being alibied by cops and clubs alike. No doubt this incident will put some much needed heat on the "Professional Security" industry. PS: your patch would appear to be decidedly thorny/prickly/bindi-eyed.

Grim news indeed James.

Goes on all the time, Big. Over here bouncers beating up patrons is a recreational hazard that needs be negotiated at your peril. My advice - get off the juice. I think Hooksey's got the record for the fastest Shield hundred (In minutes).

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