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Arnold Layne Jnr?

Hard to see but the pegs look like the thick white type that have coloured grips on the handles. This is pure overkill on a peg, and doesn't help clothesline grip or handling at all. In this picture they give the impression of rabbit ears. Some of the sheet/tablecloth/nightie items aren't pegged on. This looks like a set-up, as smaller items have 2 pegs.
The guy looks like he walked out of an early version of the SIMS family.

You cannot trust anyone who uses pegs with external springs.


What? Is? That?

my mum


When I was a student at Albany SHS, I snuck up to the Priory with some mates one night to do what we all had to do, and what the good girls all left their knicks out for us to do ...
It was the highlight of my year and I sailed into University as a fully-fledged young man of the world. I had sideboards, mauve suit with flares and cuffs - I was IT!

And I was still a virgin until I was 23 - le sigh.

If you'd done it today, you would have been in the papers.

I think he looks a bit like Paul Reiffel

Funny on so many levels, Prof. Made my day.

Two levels. It was funny on two levels.

Purely unintentional Rammers -- I'm guessing Reiffel as in rifling through something? Maybe eyeful? Maybe he just doesn't look like him at all??

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