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(Includes the last two years which have been a token gesture.)

And if I may represent some of your loyal readership, get more than a token effort on the go, and start writing again. Twitter draining your resource?

* Valid for celebrating 10 years blogging, 10 years off the grog, or what ever reason it may be this time around.

You'd get less for murder.

"The sentence of this court upon you is that you will be taken from this place to a lawful Internet Provider and there blogged by the neck until you are stupid. And may the government's proposed censorship laws have mercy on your soul."

Happy ten.

Thank you for the blog and congrats on 10 years. As something of a bizarre interloper I have been made welcome, have found out things I didn't know, laughed til I cried, cried til I laughed --- hang on, wrong speech.
I do agree with TKYC, start writing again if work, fatherhood, relationships allow.

Congratulations, Tone! Thanks for keeping me connected to 'Straya - I'd feel much more out on a limb were it not for you and all the gang at the AGB.

Mazel tov!

Thank you, thank you, you're all too kind.

I will try to keep up the content, but on top of the baby and work, I've got a few other things going.

Actually, I hadn't really noticed that you're not posting as much until quite recently. My favourite AGB moments have been when you've posted something - even if it's short - and then we argue about it. You probably don't have to do much more than you're doing to achieve that!

"I will try to keep up the content, but on top of the baby and work, I've got a few other things going."

Fair bit of shedding of staff at Fairfax... are you part of their 'outsourcing' of content?

Carrot, I agree that the posts that set up a good thread are the best. That's why I have keep things going with short posts; especially at the Croquet blog.

TK, no, not Fairfaxing this year.

Well done Teach. I went on the wagon on the 1 October, to last until daughter three's wedding on 24 November. The evenings are very long, but I wake up feeling good.

Not 10 years on the wagon, that's next April. It's 10 years blogging.

I'm outta touch.

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