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Aussie athelete drunk and disorderly... At last, an event we are good at.

Josh Booth got pissed and hit his head on a phonebook.

Wasn't reported in Darwin apparently... nothing unusual

Didn't the former USSR compete as the CIS unified team in 1992?

They throw you in jail in Darwin if you don't get up to pissed shenanigans.

Yes, the CIS was the USSR minus the Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

my Grand Cayman bank accounts in The British West Indies don't exist?
I've been Rogge-d.

Good list for trivia questions!
I thought I was seeing things when Channel 9 advertised the women's skulls, but have had it confirmed on the Sydney Morning Herald website. I don't mind a nice zygoma or mandible.

I think you were pretty hard on Kasumi Takahashi. She's more Australian than most. She copped a lot of flack for not living in Australia, but it's really that her father was a permanent expat who got shuffled around a lot.

Also, red hot.

Kasumi Today: http://www.jonesbell.com/attorneys/takahashi.html

There goes that libertarian yellow fever thing again.

One for you Yobbo, Katsuni, formerly known as Katsumi. A Pol Sci non-graduate and all!

Bad news though mate, she believes in tariff protection for domestic industry.

Speaking of cheesecake. Did you hear about Molly, Elton and Madge? Elton called Madonna a stripper, washed up and a cahnt. Elton then denied he said it, but was told in no uncertain terms that it had already gone to air.

How good would it be if we were privvy to all the spite that goes on behind the scenes.

Semi-relevant story:

A mate of mine was working as a wine delivery man around London and had to drop some booze off at Guy Richie and Madge's pad a few years ago.

He's driving around some upscale area in his van trying to find the place, all the locals assume he's paparazzi so they all ignore him when he asks for directions. Eventually he finds the place, presses the buzzer and the help gives him directions. He drives in and looking at the place thinks 'not bad, seen better'.

Pulls up at the front door and one of their servants comes out and gives him more directions. He drives round the corner and see's the main house, 'holly shit!' he said his reaction was. Biggest house he'd ever seen. Shitload of cars out front, the lawn littered with kid's cars and toys, looked like a theme park.

I'm sure they're both socialists if you ask though.

Bad news though mate, she believes in tariff protection for domestic industry.

Really Pat, how could you be so blind?


Dare I say that Sally Pearson won by a boob!
Yes I do dare

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