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Was watching an audience member tell a joke on Hey Hey It's Saturday, way back in Daryl's big colourful knitted jumper era.

This kid woulda been about 16, personality of an anti-theft bollard and the annunciation to match, and his joke went [remember: in the most barely-awake disinterested delivery possible]:

Policeman pulls over a speeding car and, uumm, policeman says "what gear were you in?!" and guy says shirt... shorts... thongs.

And the camera cuts back to Daryl and he's got this expression, slightly open mouthed, dumbfounded, horrified, confused, aghast, all at the same time. Absolute p!sser. The only belly laugh I got out of that man's entire career.

Well, that was my facial expression reading these competition entries to replace Aussie Aussie Aussie Oy Oy Oy!

http://www.theroar.com.au/2012/06/27/aussie-aussie-aussie-bored/#commentsThe Roar wants you to win. Big. Fire up the grey matter and give us your best new Aussie chant in the comments below – we'll choose the best three, shoot them on video, and submit into Foxtel's 'Chant your way to $10k' competition.

How about bringing in some of the real Australian songs into the mix:
My new Aussie song..
(Set to theme song of Home and Away)
Aussies are the best forever
Green and gold forever and ever
No matter where we are
You know we’re the stars
And from the very first moment we’ll smash you
You’ve never had such a pounding
We’ll piiiiiss in this match,
Your records, we will smash
Try your best,
We’ll win
We’ve come here to kick your ar-se
Aussies are first, and Pommies are laaaaast

I had the best intentions of hitting Preview first. Take 2.

The Roar wants you to win. Big. Fire up the grey matter and give us your best new Aussie chant in the comments below – we'll choose the best three, shoot them on video, and submit into Foxtel's 'Chant your way to $10k' competition.

// probably coz the joke was over so quick and it cut back to Daryl before he could TRY to be funny, that was his genuine expression - an ultra rare candid Daryl moment, and hilarious to boot
// mate of mine saw it too, and we had a laff about it at school on Monday – to this day "what gear were you in?!" is our private code when we hear something particularly lame.

m0nty: did you get banned from that faggot, libertard, open border nut case, blog catallaxy?

Just so I remember, there's a bunch of them over there (just popped in), congratulating themselves over banning someone who was "boasting" about "trolling" (on another blog, AGB?) the sacrosanct Catallaxy.

I assumed they were referring to your good self and the right hon. M. Patard in your conversation the other day.

Rather un-Australian (if you will) and even anti-liberty and free speech, which they claim to profess to advance, if you ask me.

In any case, 3 cheers for Tony T. snd his truly open blog(s)!!!

Cricket chaps are far better blokes no matter what the politics.

This is gold! A complete train wreck.

I notice Roar has now got one of those comment systems that unfolds as you scroll down the page. It's a great idea, certainly better than a "view more comments" button, but on this occasion I would have preferred the button since every time I scrolled to the bottom of the page a whole new screen of dismal comments lurched into view.

The payoff, after the torture, was your comment at the bottom, Biggy:

Crikey! This has got to be the gayest bunch of comments I’ve ever read in one thread. And I mean that in the new politically correct definition of the word gay, not the old definition. They’re something a bunch of grade 4s would chant at an athletics carnival. Green green kissed the Queen.

The day I get a comment rules, or "Commenting Guidelines" is the day I fold the AGB and call myself a cahnt. Nor do I see the point of banning trolls. I have never banned a commenter ever, apart from sp@mmers. I have very occasionally and with great reluctance edited the odd comment of its ultra language, but where do you draw the line? Best to let things evolve and take the piss out of anything OTT.

You know that Warners cartoonie where the two dogs go looking for cats? The little one says "Hey, Spike, I know where there's a cat." So, off they go to beat up on a cat, but the cat is actually a puma who has escaped from the zoo and keeps on beating up Spike.

Those commenters who say things like "well done on banning that troll" remind me of the little dog. What a sad bunch of join-in losers. The first suck-up who ever says "well done on banning that troll, Tone" will get banned. Although, since I never ban anyone, that will never happen.

Anyway, how about that Womens Handball?

Gatekeepers. Now, they shit me. Blogging is supposed to be an organic, evolving, do-it-anyway-you-like organism. But, no. There are people out there who are into telling you how it's supposed to be done and laying out rules. Well, kiss my sharries, gatekeepers.

What about Sigourney Weaver, floating above the bed in red silk, possessed by Zhoul in Ghostbusters gatekeepers? I enjoyed it.

I'm more key master than gate keeper.

There is one big difference TT, Spike never gave the little dog (Chester) any respect for his incessant yapping... the bullying aspect is bang on though.

Blogging is not what it was. Not enough people own blogs anymore, or comment on other people's.

I am young and hung.

Call me biggz...

Political bloggers:


(language nsfw)

From The Thick Of It, great pommy political comedy series.

Yeah, top show. Unfortunately the original politician/actor went the same way as Andy Muirhead, Deev Randall and possibly even James Ashby.

I vaguely remember hearing about that, a quick google search reveals the child pornagrapher is 'trying to get past it' and resume his career. He used the old 'research' excuse just like Pete Townsend.

Thank god it wasn't 'Malcolm Tucker' though, the whole show would have been stuffed as you couldn't replace him. They're starting filming a new series soon with Malcolm in opposition.


That picture was captioned by an ESL work experience kid.

In correct Police-Speak, avoiding the simple past tense, the caption needs one change: "then the man has stolen".

You've got no problem with "Murder" - with random capitalisation to boot?

// how often do you get asked if you have no problem with murder?

Don't forgot "has" with an extra "a" up there.

Too right, Norgs.

You two clowns better not be takin' the piss.


??? It said he died.

And you wonder why there's so many unsolved murders in Victoria, heh.

Interesting story coming into the NFL season about an Australian trialling with the New York Jets:


As a tight-end too not as a punter. They're talking about giving him a practice squad position for the upcoming season. He's never played Gridiron before either.

Speaking of a cultural binge, I'll have you know that at 14:00 on the 'morrow myself and my good bed matress will be slaking in the finest of Sir* Richard Wagner's greatest hits, recapsulated at yea olde opree hause. An re-enactment of the virtuoso solo of Oztralian cap doffing apogee of our genuflecting ways. What with all our dog in the manger Anglos.

I got these tickets for $35 months ago faggots! as Stephanie n...Jamaican sprinting loving way lady says. Lay lady lay.

First up, I want a naked run in the style of Lohengrin Act III prelude. Next, well, let's face it, none of you plebians could care any less.

Enough to say that, at 17:00 I will be in rapture, dazedly sucking back a dowzwn od Sydney's rock finest fresh from Foster and her lakes, enticed, like Siegrifed dazzled by the idylls on our sullen Sydney lakes.

In all: get fucked. I am better than everyone. And those who I am not. I loves youse one and all!

Dick Wagner

Heil Dick

For Hindy, if he was worth it, which he is not.

So much wind baggage given over to sloth. So much verbiage given over to emptiness.

No one cares, no one gives a shit. Beyond the next day and the next cruciate knee cartilage.

Whether 'tis for Luke on yon' the wing, nor sweet loafing lard arse fat carrying it out front.

Tomorrow, the boy marks his man, and all the world revolve like ancient slaag hagged wymins, salivating their lot, encrusted on like barnacles for her pay packet, and the Jewvision tube carries all in its way:

Enter the Gods


And just to show, how ding dong daddy multi-culti lovin', free stylin' ... ab-solutely lovin', White neo-new-lovin' reconstructed boyo de joyo I yam:

Jessye Norman, who is not a Norman, with - Carbon Tax!


And, don't forget, Paul "Condell Park" Keating just loved the Jew, Mahler.

He knew whre his French clocks were buttered.l

For Labor, and all the non-ultra-right, one of the greatest ever written:

One of the greatest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCHREyE5GzQ

And, here's one for all the AGB Anglos, all's well, twentieth century dies.


Now Dvir Abramovich, of course, is a man for whom this is a very personal issue, and who, rightfully, devotes himself to fighting against any attempts to diminish or trivialise the suffering caused by the Nazis. I could, at this point, go on at length about how I myself have no wish to do so, and how I am vehemently opposed to anti-Semitism and fully cognisant of the horrors of the Holocaust and so forth.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/society-and-culture/defending-holocaust-humour-my-fools-errand-20120810-23z3s.html#ixzz239cE2181

Good thing I'm just going to see a soprano sing SIR Dicki Vagners greatest hits and can stay clear of this.

" "Maybe Tom and Alex can explain to us what is remotely funny about the gassing of millions of men, women and children and the burning of their bodies?"

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/society-and-culture/defending-holocaust-humour-my-fools-errand-20120810-23z3s.html#ixzz239eMZa85


Wow, sorry about that. Things are much better this morning. Please, ignore me and do carry on.

It's an Ill Wind that blows.

Curb Your Enthusiasm M. Patard.


I do hate myself, but it's nothing to de with me being Anglican.

Was gonna put that Curb Your Enthusiasm link up but thought it best left for you. It's excellent. And, topical as that tune was the opening at the concert yesterday.

On that subject, what a brilliant arvo it was too. I take my hat off to the Sydney Orchestra and the Yank behemoth Christine Brewer, a Brünnhilde that not even Siegfried himself would mess with, let alone to carry across the threshold.

I see that one of my links was wrong, that of Jessye Norman. Here it is again, just for completeness: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-dnIc0bp88

A lesson in cultural binge: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppIS19La8W8&feature=player_embedded

That's a long-winded and big-worded way of saying what we all know: the "cool" kids suck.

Mind you, I will be taking "acquiescent disposition" to the bank. Love it.

Apropos acquiescent dispositions, Hecky Brown, a character in The Front, is asked why he marched in the May Day Parade: "I was only trying to get laid. This communist girl, she had a big ass."

Speaking of acquiescent dispositions, I see that BoltA still can't figure out that all the Jew diligence in the world won't save him from a law suit.

What a meshugenah.

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