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Milestones all around in the Taylor household.

It's the unniversary? Congratulations!

And what a big year it's been in here.

Actually, a day late.

Married, with child, published in the 'serious press' (LOL...serious), on the BPL.

Big year, big nine years.

Who was it again... "Still crazy after all these years"?

and I cant recall the day, but it would be close to 1yr for me too.

Well done Tony. 3 years 4 months for me. Not even catching you up am I?

I remember clearly - ironically - since I got smashed on ANZAC day 2003 and gave up the next day.

Flutey, you can't catch up, but you can get closer, percentage-wise.

When I first started LERKING here you were still drinking. One of your side bar links was to a site called "We Are Trying To Give Up Drinking" or something like that. The writing was on the wall!


Woof woof.

Nice one, ein stein.

// I'll be here all week

~~ Ein stein?

~~ Nein.

~~ You greedy schwein.

TT 1 - BR 0.

Nearly a year for me!

Blimey. Everyone's getting off the fuel.


*lager bomb*

Gee, Con. You missed a golden opportunity:

* AGB *

To paraphrase a well known quote "a lager bomb is just a telegram to let you know Mr After Grog Blog will be arriving soon." I was working up to it.


Christ! I've blown my cover, too.

Who would have guessed?

ex Girlfriend. Father was teetotal for a number of years, but had his wilder days. Rowed at Oxford and UWA in the 1950s. Bob Hawke. Half yards. Rah rah!

It came speech time at one of her elder sister's 21st - and calls were growing for the jug skol. Birthday girl was already in a very bad way - and I swear this was an act of fatherly love, not trying to act cool for the young-dumb-and-full-of-cum-sters - he snatched the jug out of her hand and chugged it like champ.

The crowd erupted. It was acceptable "blood money." There were no more calls for the birthday girl to neck one.

// just putting it out there, Big Tone
/// might have to make a comeback one day???!

I will be 71 at my daughter's 21st, so it probably would not matter if I skolled a party jug, since I would only have a few years left to worry about being back on the fuel.

You seen the recent Bob Hawke effort at the cricket? [teetotal for many many years, and I dips my lid to him, but...] He got back on it a few years ago, didn't he?

That will be you, Big Tone. All her friends will be saying "Check this old duffer. He's taking his sweet-assed time but... by God!... I think he's gonna make it!!"

*inverts empty jug above head*

*froth hitting dome*

re Hawke off the wagon - that would be the wagon hauling the Blanche and I'd be off it too


Well done, sir.

Thanks, TPE. This old duffer doffs his cap to you, Ann and Biggy Boy.

Wittgenstein was the beery schwein, not Ein stein.

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