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I'm guessing the documentary was not produced by a feminist collective. I would also guess that this Q.E. hypothesis is not Q.E.D.
The history channel seems to have had a welcome return to documentaries Hitlerian. Last night I watched one about Goering.
It stirred up some bad memories for me because he was able to wear a light-coloured uniform http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Uniform_von_H_Goering.jpg -- something I was not able to do during one of my amateur stage appearances. I was forced to wear a dark uniform and was so invisible during low-light that the show looked like the Black Theatre of Prague, with my disembodied hands moving around the stage.

I also watched the Goering doco on THC. Hitlerian shows are currently being challenged by Time Team (and Tony Robinson), but Hitler is putting up stern resistance.

I thought SBS had exclusive rights to shows about Nazis.

SBS is Hitler2.

At least they haven't claim an alien conspiracy, which is the History Channel's usual pitch.

Y'all remember the incessant 3 month promotion of the new sport channel, ONEHD?

"Sport sport sport sport and nothing but. SPORT! 24/7. Oh yeah, baby. Sport."

Seen it lately? It's a farking lifestyle station now. It even airs cooking shows and *shudder* WWF Smackdowns.

Yer telling me there is not enough sport filler [eg. the South Korean under 18 girls golf tour] that they had to change their programming so drastically and so soon? What gives?

OneHD was bleeding money, so the nixed the sport - well, the monster trucks, fishing, nascar, etc - and went with cheap-to-make dross.

I never realised that. Assumed it was all cheap filler, or sports trying to lift their profile here and offering good prices.

No more boasting to my buddies in the USA that I'm watching the LSU game live?


Did you know every Aussie who played NFL has been a punter, bar one?
Did you know every Aussie who played NFL has had an Aussie Rules background, bar one?
Did you know the first Aussie who played NFL got murdered?

Is the "bar one" Colin Scotts?

Yep. I played rugby against his ex girlfirend's brother. How good am I?

His Wiki page talks of a long career, but his stats say ONE season for 7 games. I've checked a few stats sites and they all agree. http://www.databasefootball.com/players/playerpage.htm?ilkid=SCOTTCOL01

You played rugby? You are not good at all. But you are probably a better commentator than Colin Scotts.

I didn't kill those boys in the tower.

Not according to Bill the Bard and his merry band of Tudor propogandists, you bottled spider.

*insert usual disclaimers regarding citing Wikipedia*

At school I was taught there WAS a double murder, and that Richard III was the prime suspect.

But I just had a bit of a gander at Wikipedia and the Plantagenet/Tudor handover period, and the cause of the kids' deaths is open to enough conjecture that there is NO MENTION of the boys being murdered.

One day they were officially housed in the Tower of London, then they kinda "gradually disappeared from sight."




Check out The Princes in the Tower by Alison Weir. Good read.

All your The Wire threads were closed last time I checked. So like a sneaky black dog taking a sh!t on the back porch on a cold wet morning, I'll drop this here....

The Wire or the clash of civilisations in one country is lecture by philosopher Slavoj Žižek on the television show The Wire. [comments]


Great fun reading those comments. I dip my toe in every now and then and find another nugget. Hats off to yer, Biggus.

Yeah they are a smart crew at that site, and a lot of 'em have a big horn for The Wire.

You have to pay money to comment there. A nominal sum for life membership, but it seems to keep the deadsh!ts at bay.

You ever caught Horrible Histories, Big Tone?

It's a comedy history show for kids on ABC3, and it's an absolute larf fest. Talented cast with obvious chemistry, plenty of hat tips to Monty Python and 80s 90s naughties pop culture references to keep you on your toes.

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