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With far too much time on my hands (since early 90's):

John Hutton

Scott Watters (Sydney traded pick 1)

Darren Gaspar

Anfernee Rocca (pick 2, Freo had new team draft concessions)

Matthew Primus (pick 2, Freo got further draft concessions)

Fitzroy got the arse. Nathan Brown picked by 2nd last Dogs, after Port new club draft concessions)

Travis Johnstone

Des Headland

Josh Fraser

Nick Riewoldt

Luke Hodge

2nd last Saints picked Brendon Goddard. Blues stripped of early picks, who picked up Barneby French in a trade with their first pick of 16.

Adam Cooney

Brett Deledio

Marc Murphy

Bryce Gibbs

Matthew Kreuzer

Jack Watts

Tom Scully

Andrew Gaff

Only 2 - Des and Hodge. Scully & Watts will in 2113.

I would have given Drew Banfield the Norm Smith Medal for the '06 GF, yet most pundits don't even have him in their best players. Davis was threatening in the second half and when Banno shifted onto him half-way through the third quarter, the Swans' charge died.

And yet, even this wasn't his greatest achievement - I once saw him kick on his right foot TWICE IN ROW! Almost as amazing as Fatty Lamb taking on overhead mark.

Good to see MFC reserves superstar Evan Hewitt on the list.

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