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To the good person at Twitter who put me onto Grantland, and who I now can't find, hats off.

... ummm... Eddie Cowan, to whom I just mentioned Grantland. Bit embarrassing, me.

AFL confirmed that the camera used was installed by Abraham Zapruder... footage clearly shows Guerra's head "goes back, and to the left".

The grassy ..... ?

It's the same with Sunday afternoon games in Country WA. The game starts at 2ish, the telecast (which is larded with Basil and Belly trying to be tiptop analysts - boring as batsh*t) starts at 3. I start out listening to the radio, then start to watch the telecast. At quarter time and half time I hop up to check the real score on the radio. If the Eags have lost, I turn off the teev and do the ironing. If the Eags have won, I sit down in deep and suspense free contentment to watch the rest of the game.

Has Yobbo been in contact in the last few days Tone? Just wondering.

No, he hasn't. Why, he's not coming to Melbourne, is he? I'd better inform the authorities.

After the belting the Dees handed the Dockers I mean.

Nothing much to say. The Dockers never bothered to turn up.

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