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I tried to be smart and guess the joke without reading the sign properly. The description [butcher, Heidelberg] reminded me of German sausages so I wrongly guessed it would be a German-related faux pas and I sorta jumped to "further" and tried to read it as "Fuhrer. " And because I didn't read it properly I had to read it again to see the mistake.

Funny on so many levels.
Prince Otto von Bismarck lived in West Heidelberg for a long period in his teens and twenties. Not many people know that. Sorta like how Jesus disappeared off the map and showed up again when he was 30. Choofed off to India, 'e did. It was a bit like that.

Anyway, this is a good time to repeat a funny quote of his:

"Laws are like sausages. It's better not to see them being made."

Don't ya think it's funny he chose such a stereotypical 19th century German thing on which to base his metaphor? Cute in a way. Also a bit like Ted Bullpit. He had to convert numbers into buckets of putty to do mathematics. So many levels.


Misattributed quote, son.

Big Rammer's mum is like a loudmouth spoiling the end of the movie, but there are some things we don't want to know... important things!

I'm hoping that if the sign was written by the renovators, they are better at renovations than signwriting.
This is a beautiful example of a bad sign. I recently remembered (or misremembered) where my interest in such signs began, and remember that my local Italian milk bar used to have a printed menu at each booth that listed various types of "hambuggers" -- caused endless amusement to bored children.
My local clothes shop recently advertised "dessert boots".

The local Vietnamese fishmonger has recently plonked a couple of tables out the front, and he'll gladly cook up a meal if you want. He charges 50c extra for "cockage."

Speaking of Veet-manese. The specials board at my second fave restaurant once listed "cum kwat juice" among its appetising tit bits, although it is probably less bawdy than it appears at first scan.

Another cafe in Sydney used to have a menu that listed "Hot suggestions" -- this is almost moving into "Are you being served" territory -- as one of the hot suggestions was crumpet.

Some American restaurant in the southern US got a bit of publicity recently by refusing to serve customers who couldn't speak English (ie Mexicans). I read the sign in the photo which accompanied the news article and it read something like: '...the staff in this establishment only speak AMERICAN'.

That restaurant sound like the US LPGA, who wanted to cap the number of golfers who did not speak English, ostensibly because the US golfers cracked the shits the Korean golfers were taking over.

All of AGB's The Wire threads are closed for comments... and this thread appears dead enough, so I'll plonk this titbit here:

Attorney General Holder mandates, at a minimum, another season of the Dickensian TV serial, The Wire. David Simon and Ed Burns agree that they "are prepared to go to work on season six of The Wire", with one small catch: "if the Department of Justice is equally ready to reconsider and address its continuing prosecution of our misguided, destructive and dehumanising drug prohibition". http://www.metafilter.com/104460/A-mans-got-to-have-a-code

Funny you should mention that Big Ramifications. Despite being a critic of The Wire in the past I recently had a road to Damascus moment.

I was talking to a acquaintance who's in the Army who has served in Afghanistan and he recommended the mini-series 'Generation Kill' for an insight in to what it's like to have to deal with soldiering bs. IMHO Generation Kill was awesome.

So I checked who was the mastermind behind the series and lo and behold it's The Wire's creator David Simon. My initial reason for disliking The Wire was I had found some of the characters to be contrived. Specifically the moralistic gay stick-up artist, chess playing drug dealer, macro-economic studying gangster, cute lesbian super cop and a few other little themes about it all being the fault of 'the system'.

However I new about these 'faults' going in this time round and I found the series to very agreeable indeed. The basis for Tony T's continued recommendation of the series seems to be the quality of the story and I can't fault him there, the writing is superb (I watch with the subtitles on to help with the accents). In fact I've caught 'the bug' (joke intended) big time and burned through the 1st season and I'm now up to the episode 2 of the 2nd season. I even watched the 1st season all over again after recommending it to my brother (he's addicted as well).

Anyone out there who hasn't seen Generation Kill definitely check it out. It's about a Marine unit flying around Iraq in Humvee's at the start of the Iraq war.

I am holding out on Treme because I want to blow through it all at once, when it's done.

I haven't been able to get into Treme? But I agree with Cam that The Wire has some rough edges and heartily endorse smashing through series on DVD.

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