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Load? ya put The Weight right on me. he aint heavy, he's my Beatle?
16 Tons and what do you get?
Well, the involuntary and immediate laugh I got at the link with the blue bird of happiness made my day.

But - that blogger in the cliche photo really should have had one hand up in the air, perhaps holding his wallet in lieu of Libertys' torch.

Q1. Are there Melbourne cliche pic locations?
Q2. do smart London drivers avoid Downturn Abbey Rd because of the pedX/zebra being in constant use?

Q1. Are there Melbourne cliche pic locations?

Not cliche pic locations; cliche attitudes, cliche smugness, cliche coffee.


I click your link and get one pic of Gary Ablett Sr acting the fool in New York. I click on "via" link on that blog and get the same pic of Gary Ablett Sr. What gives?

ps: Gary Ablett Sr > Gary Ablett Jr

At the Telegraph, you must click the arrow doover on the side of the picture. Hover over the picture and you will see what I mean.

Here endeth the lesson: Internet for Biggies.

Gak, you beat me to it. Came over here to apologise and say I figured it out.

Look, quite interesting pics and all by The Telegraph... but embarrassing and clichéd?

Abbey Road. Tick. But the rest? Who said to themselves "Ahh, the Bolivian Salt Flats. They STILL doin' that clichéd thing, how embarrassing"?

ppps: I left an awesome comment on Gary Ablett Sr's blog.

Possibly the worst comment in the history of ever. Big Ramifications: Mighty Awful Power Ranger.

Mind you. Shouldn't the bloke at the Statue of Liberty be holding up a torch?

BTW, it was your fault for getting me into HATE MAIL mode. My comment on Gary Ablett Sr's blog was your fault.

Just like Lazar "found himself" having long, pissy lunches [thanks for bumping that - missed that thread back in 2008] I "found myself" abusing a complete stranger's blog post.

Nice try, Biggus.

Melbourne cliche pictures -- every time there's a travel show about Melbourne, or a crime show, or So you think you can dance in Melbourne, or whatever, they always show a railway station -- I think Flinders street, but I don't know Melbourne well.
Also in NSW, every commercial news broadcast on television shows a fire in Melbourne. Not exactly a location cliche, because it may be a house, shop, factory or fence -- but there must be a lot of arson around in Melbs.

You're right. Flinders Street station gets a fair pounding.

Apart from the very obvious (Bridge, Harbour, Opera House, etc), what are Sydney cliche pictures? Does the original Strathfield Car Radio shop still exist?

Bondi Beach gets a good run, especially with Sculpture by the sea being an annual event, and the annual fun run. Then there is an annual story on overcrowding of British backpackers, an obligatory near-drowning of a newly-arrived migrant family. In fact most media types (i.e. the ABC and the Sydney Morning Herald) seem to be unaware that Sydney extends beyond the lower north shore, the CBD and a thin strip of eastern suburbs beaches. The rest is a hotbed of Middle Eastern crime, shonky used car salesmen and unemployed bogans and is usually described as "southwestern Sydney". This can include inner city areas such as Tempe, Ashfield, Newtown, but also extends to Penrith in the lower Blue Mountains and the northern tips of Wollongong, as well as amorphous rural areas around Campbelltown and Ingleburn.

Apart from the very obvious (Bridge, Harbour, Opera House, etc), what are Sydney cliche pictures?

Unruly Habib's leaving the courthouse.


We have the Rundle Mall Balls here in Adelaide if you are interested in a cliche shot.

I noticed today that Bondi has now somehow established a "winter magic" festival.


Melbourne fire cliches this week: a fire at a cricket shed somewhere in Melbourne, and today a fire on a tourist barge. We haven't had a "fence set alight" story for a while but it can't be far away.

We specialise in hedge burning.

I remember the hedge-burning and have been waiting for it to recur. Almost as common as tattoo parlour burning in Sydney. But I notice that the press release went for the ethnic angle with the "Cyprus hedge fires" to make this look like a middle-eastern crime wave, as opposed to a simple "Cypress hedge fire".

The Block is, to me, a distasteful television programme. However, there are household members who enjoy it -- during some advertising for the show today, there was the obligatory Flinders Street station stock footage with a superimposed "Block" logo.

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