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No one ever calls talkback and says "I can't remember exactly what it was but,..."

I have always been an early to bed type, so I didn't watch League Teams all that often; only when Carlton were going to play a big game. I was, however, a devotee of World of Sport and looking back now, I think that most of Bobby's witticisms went straight through to the keeper, probably because he was less vaudevillian in his delivery than Jack and Lou-Lou. He also seemed to be a bit of a buzz-kill, keeping the others on message by the timely delivery of Pelaco shirts and Patra orange juice.

... and a box of Red Tulip chocolates worth a dollar-fifty.

"Roger Merrett... Richard Champion" -- I think it was actually Max Merritt and Richard Clapton -- or was it Champion Ruby?

Was League Teams where Lou had recipes between teams?

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