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Review of the first Melbourne show:

Legendary? Yes.

Frustrating? Terribly.

Worth it? Hmmm...

I was sitting on an upstairs veranda in Freo a few weekends ago, in clear earshot of the Dylan concert. It didn't sound too great to me. I mostly wondered "why would he do it?"


"$": brevity = soul of wit

The first thing I ask all Dylan fans (and I include myself in that list and I do often ask myself this question): What do you think of Dylan's harmonica playing?

It's a nicer way of asking "Are you one of those Dylan obsessives/stooges who'd listen to his chainsawing a tree and consider it an artistic triumph?"

I'm so old I know nothing of Beiber except his image, and I'm so old I saw Dylan at Festival Hall when he and The Band plugged into the amps after interval and all the Folkies stomped out, and I'm so old I bought Blonde On Blonde the day it came out ... but I don't need to see him play live again, and Music From Big Pink is better than any Dylan album.
Beiber fans should listen to it.

I'll pay out on that subbie (as always). X X

AS, I have an old friend who, if someone says they do not like Dylan, refuses to talk to the person.

I used to love Dylan (Bringing it all Back Home, Highway 61, Blonde on Blonde, John Wesley Harding, Blood on the Tracks) but hardly listen to him these days and think his modern incarnation since Modern Times is over-rated.

My fave Dylan: the drumming & slide in Down Along The Cove.

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