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Those measurement gags still slay 'em in the aisles.

Left wing, right wing, West Wing.

Josh and Donna are over in the doorframe - what are they saying Aaron?

This could have been a Marsha moment from the Brady Bunch if Obama had not given such a girly throw of the footie. Still, it could have been worse, we could have had Howard bowling to Obama, or if Tony had convinced the independents to vote for him, he could have tested Obama's boxing prowess.

Obama in Speedos?

Inch, foot, footy - Imperial Leather.

How spewin' - HOW SPEWIN' --- I mean, how ABSOLUTELY SUICIDALLY SPEWIN' --- would Kevin 07 have been when he saw those pics. A bit of kick-to-kick with the Prez in the Oval Office.


Did Obama bail on Kev once or twice? I believe it was twice[?]

Pretty green.

You're soaking in it.

What's with the shrubbery? That just does not work at all. I've always liked the furnishing in The Oval Office, it photographs really well. Can't remember ever seeing a shrubbery.

Hope it's not Michelle growing some herbs.

Jeez, you're right. It's also slightly deceptive. Bit hard to tell whether it's in the background against the wall under the picture, or hovering mysteriously over the two chairs.

I thought English people were the compulsive wallpaperers (even doing the ceilings at times), but I see that the interior decorators at the oval office have also papered the doors (door handle is half-way down Obama's back so to speak).
The shrubbery may be cheaper than Quentin Bryce's ikebana fodder bill, so I hope Julia has taken note for her next floristry natter with the GG over a vase or two.

Big Rammers, Obama has piked on Australia at least twice. During the mutual backslapping sessions, Michelle gave an indication that they would be coming to Australia -- but then appeared to remember something and said "It will up to him [Obama]".

I'm sure its "Chewy on ya Boot" - not foot. - and hell I'm a sport denialist. Lift yer games Tones.

You missed my elaborate imperial measurement system word play in the first comment. Inch, foot, imperial blather... I used to knock 'em dead in Peoria.

"elaborate imperial measurement system word play" -- some of us were able to follow the chain of thought -- at least that what my mate Rod said from his perch.

Give that man a hand.

Keven Rudd has got a ton of 31. Fair dinkum I tell ya.

re The Shrubbery: from wiki online - 'A tradition of displaying potted Swedish ivy (Plectranthus verticillatus) atop the mantel goes back to the administration of John F. Kennedy, and the current plants were rooted from the original plant'.

It is my view that this insidious creepery Sverige Alliance is a big indicator that the septics will get JA on the permanently lit concrete in the slammer. he's rooted too.


And again, this time in English...

I thought it was just me Rammers -- who is JA -- oops, maybe Assange, hence the Swedish connection, and the concrete slammer may be a reference to Guantanamera Bay.

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