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What kind of pants do you think S-Cam would favour?

Scott Cam? Same shirt? http://www.royalet.com.au/images/scottcaminterview.jpg

On the pants question, S-Cam looks like a unidexter, so I think, like many fashionistas we could use the more trendy question: "What kind of pant do you think S-Cam would favour?". I think a kilt could do the trick, or for alternative ethnic, something pole-ish.

Scott Cam is a great spot. Surely the anonymous protester had Cam in the back of his, or her, mind. As to the pants, well I always associate those shirts with Stagger or Lee Rider jeans.


Guy in England fined for flashing headlights to warn oncoming motorists to slow before speed trap caught them. worth reading.

The more I look at the picture, the more I think there are layered messages at play which reveal a robust conflict between speed camera scams and Scott Cam. Which message is in the ascendant? Does one dilute its message at the expense of the other? Or, is there is an exquisite balance between layers. Or just maybe, it's all Scott Cam. Who knows. I best take Timothy Leary's advice and drop acid, sit in a field and discuss speed cameras v. Scott Cam with the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Ann, I'm pretty sure the cops here started nabbing drivers for flashing their lights, but after a public rumpus they were forced to accept that there was no crime being committed and the cops were not allowed to do it. This was followed by one of the top cops giving some spin about how people flashing lights was a good thing because it slowed drivers down. Pretty sure his teeth were clenched tight when he said it.

On the meaning of the symbol, perhaps I could paraphrase Jean-Paul Sartre: S-Cam has no meaning a priori … It is up to you to give it a meaning, and value is nothing but the meaning that you choose

That's a relief. I need all the latitude I can get, since I'm not exactly familiar with the Cam oeuvre.

I prefer the oeuvre of Cam to Cam-us.

it's those twin overhead cams on the Geelong Road that really give me the single lens reflex

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