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Do the cops know the principle of Occam's Razor? If they do, considering you took the photo as a joke to share on AGB I'm guessing you'd be the prime suspect. Better hope this editor doesn't reveal his sources!

C'mon Tones - the Lamestream (apologies to Palin) media has been plagiarizing blogs for years - wot makes you special.

um ... I think it is a good thing the journalist left your name out of it.
I would advise anybody to avoid any involvement with journalists.

Good to see that influential people (apart from the usual suspects) are reading your blog, Tony. You can console yourself with the knowledge that you got the s-coop.

Not only will I never read the Manningham Leader again, but I have never read it in my life.

A bit odd calling themselves the Manningham 'Leader'. Clearly behind the AGB in this instance.

Excellent. The Manningham Trailer.

FX, bit ambitious calling the Manningham Trailer Lamestream.

Seminole > Choctaw > Abenaki

Conversation got moved to Pies and Molls in case you missed it, Prof. Might have misled you with the whole doonah thing.

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