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Sedge: "He looks like a golfer who couldn't make the cut in lawn bowls."

From jack high to pin high.

From a Jack to a King.

From green to green. (tee off.)

... looks like a golfer and a gopher.
*goes off muttering "be the ball... be the ball"*

I think you will agree that I performed well above the call of duty by resisting the siren-like temptation to make a Caddyshack comment.

The real question is: will he be any good at flogging air conditioning?

What, because he looks like Tubby? I've heard him speak; he is much too clear to emulate Tubs.

Haven't heard him speak, but I mistook him for Tubby at first glance. Got Gilchrists ears though.

So, ummm, V. The "Tiger Westwoods" heading, the "new No.1 Lee Westwood" sentence, the "he looks like a golfer" remark and the fact that this post is not on AGB Cricket didn't give it away?

I'm not but a simple truckie Tone, half the comments on here go over my head - especially when you lot start parroting on about obscure bands or movies I've never heard of.

I also have no idea who Lee Westwood is, I got the Tiger bit though - do I get a gold star for that?

And an elephant stamp.

Although I know who LW is, I'm scratching my head about how he suddenly became No.1.

I agree more gopher or even go-fer.

She'd like him a lot more if he was worth 600 million, which coincidentally is what chicks find so attractive about tiger woods.


He makes me happy.

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