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I think it is un-French for a Frenchman to leave his wife for his mistress(es), when the tradition has been to have both. This seems to be an admission of LACK of virilité.

That premise would have Berlusconi in the driver's seat for the next 3 centuries.

Trahison des Jerks.

I agree with Professeur Ruesseforp. A French politician who can't juggle his women does not deserve to be elected. "Un coq douce," as they say down le rubbidy dub.

A French politician who can't juggle his women does not deserve to be elected and would be dishonorably discharged from the Cirque du Soleil and have his busking certificate revoked by Lord Mayor, wee Robbie Doyle.

Correction: Bread & Cirque du Soleil

"Bread & Cirque du Soleil" -- oh, le pain of it all!

at least they are rather nice looking ladies unlike most of our british mp's who prefer sex acts to include an orange, cable wire and a 15 year old rent boy

Wives should welcome their husbands' extramarital affairs as a sign of a healthy marriage, France's most prominent female psychologist has suggested.

Maryse Vaillant claims French men should stop being castigated for being womanisers and that keeping a mistress can actually improve a marriage.


Miss Vaillant insists in her book that fidelity is not proof of love. In fact, "pathological monogamists" in many cases lack the strength of mind to take a mistress, she suggests.

I love that last bit. "Man up! Stop being soft."


"It is important to lie very well, to be a good liar," Ms. Lévy said about the state of modern relationships.

"If my husband cheats on me, above all, I don’t want to know about it. That he lies about it well — that is all that I ask. If he loves me, he lies to me. Voilà, c’est ça, l’amour, pour moi."

- Justine Levy [whose husband got stolen by Carla Bruni, before she moved on to the Chez Prez]

That last bit is French for "get a dog upya."

Tres bien!

Been informed by the Office Italian that the masculine of "La" is "Il". Will make the necessary adjustment pronto.

How good are my comments?

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