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40 seconds in.

Barnaby Joyce will laugh.


Is she talking about Virginia/Michael?


Part 2: From the Tiger Woods' school of faux apology haha.

Will Trioli apologise to herself for calling herself Michale Rowland?

That is a sneaky way to get around the fact that she mispronounces "Trioli" as something like "Chioli". I've raved about this elsewhere*, but she has trouble with the "tr" sound. I remember hearing her on radio announcing that she was going to have a session on "chucking" -- I thought possibly talking about Murali, ICC, etc -- when the discussion got going it was about "trucking".
*standard rave number 5.

Honourable mention 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYAMDhVT50I&NR=1&feature=fvwp

He's just trying to back the ship up lady!

"What the f***" is gold. Who knew there were so many Youtube bloopers in the world: "Nice p****". Maybe studio audience members are not clapping seals and jabbering imbeciles, after all.

Tony Squires gave a sports preview on the channel 7 news tonight: axed from the Wallabies, Matt G√Ęteau -- now that really takes the cake!

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