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Champagne and cigars to Wes Hosking for the "gorilla" story.

A tip: read it out loud to your mates in the office and it is even funnier.

Read out loud, the gorilla story has the whole "Jeff Woad is free to start tossing his orb about" feel. Try it. The bloke next to me laughed so hard he is still wiping the piss from his pants.

I'm guessing nice tricky PR release from Hamish and Andy's PR dude. Smells like...

Anyway aren't Hamish and Andy "an authentic pair of jungle primates" anyway?

I think you are thinking of Kyle S.

Just regarding the first part. In the last week I've heard.

"Doesn't pass mustard." Too funny.

And on a highbrow community radio artsy program: "At the audience's quim" - instead of whim.

The funniest bit is that they felt cheated and unamused.

So, without any further to do...

I think it would lively up things if Hamish and Andy had climbed into the tigers' enclosure around regular feeding time.

Hamish and Andy are one of those curious modern "who are they?" phenomena. I have never heard their radio show and never seen their TV show and, despite hundreds of photo-ops in the Herald Sun every week, I would not know them if I tripped over them in a tiger's enclosure.

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