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Are you thinking of getting the band back together?

~~ "It's 106 metres to Elwood, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing bifocals."

~~ "Hit it."

fabulous. *curtsies*

Not even one.

Any co-incidence that Carrie Fisher was in Melb. recently?

Pure win with the headline, Tony.

Coincidentally, that tune was an ad jingle for a card yard over here, yonks ago.

"Heading in the right direction for that car." Funny on a number of levels, not the least being the fact they replaced 6 syllables of "loving and affection" with the one syllable word "car."

I think a drive-through optometrist is a great idea.
More seriously, isn't this ARIA time? That's always stressful for Renee when she misses out to young flibbertigibberts who can't sing.
She is a national treasure, and I can almost forgive her for singing Paul Kelly songs.

Biggy, I saw your comment just as I was shutting off at work, and then all the way home I was vocally work-shopping "Am I heading in the right direction? For your car".

"Big Rock Toyota in Wanneroo... car."

Whenever I see the phrase "national treasure" I think of Phillip Adams. It's pavlovian.

some time back, a friend posted on a music blog:
"Just watching a chanteuse reminiscing on
Talking Heads ABCTV show and she claims to have not seen any royalties statements during the peak of her career, quoting her mother's complaint that the
Manager lived in a mansion while the chanteuse did not.
The woman is delusionary and
somebody should tell Ma that the money which could have put her daughter in a mansion ... went UP THE SINGER'S NOSE. just sayin."

loved the curtsey link.

Tony, when I think of Phillip Adams, I think of a character in Robert G. Barrett's book "The Godson" -- a journalist who always dresses in black, named Adam Pratt.

Whenever I see the phrase "national treasure" I think of Professor Rosseforp

Julian Burnside, Rolf Harris, Barry Jones, Thomas Keneally, Nicole Kidman, Michael Kirby, Ruth Cracknell, Gai Waterhouse, Don Dunstan, John Farnham, Peter Garrett, Prof Rosseforp.

Works for me.

Thought you were starting a new rendition of "We didn't start the fire" there Tone.

Second verse?

Vindicate, I was thinking "Give Peace a chance": Everybody's talkin' 'bout Julian Burnside, Rolf Harris, Barry Jones, Thomas Keneally, Nicole Kidman, Michael Kirby, Ruth Cracknell, Gai Waterhouse, Don Dunstan, John Farnham ... all we are saying ...
Tony and FX Holden: I have been called many things before, but never "national treasure" [wipes tear from eye, accepts award from bodacious presenter who leans towards the Professor -- purportedly for an air kiss -- but quietly whispers to award recipient, "Hold it over the egg and tomato sauce stain on your shirt, and blow your nose there's something hanging out of it"]

Prof, since you move in exalted circles, perhaps you can inform us who, exactly, are Angus and Julia Stone, Dan Sultan, Andrew Taylor, Chris Hansen and Craig Shuftan, The McLymonts, Washington, The Temper Trap, Parkway Drive, Sia, Birds of Tokyo. Yes, they all won ARIAs, but I can say without even the slightest exaggeration, that I have never heard of any of them. Surely, I can't be that out of the loop. Surely, the ARIAs aren't that insignificant. Even if I did hear about the Sunday night show which was variously described as a fiasco, school talent show, ramshackle mess, slop fest, etc. Surely, I must have heard of at least one of them. Yes, Crowded House won "best adult contemporary album" but as soon as I hear the phrase "adult contemporary" I want to start throwing punches. Not that I don't always want to throw punches at the dreary, formulaic, hook-free snow job that is Crowded House.

"Surely, the ARIAs aren't that insignificant.

So insignificant that no one wanted to telecast it one or two years ago [or more correctly, no one wanted to produce it to then sell it to someone who would telecast it]. Jeez that would have been a funny wake up call. "B-b-but we're hip and relevant. What do you mean no one wants to record the awards? NO ONE??? Erm... can we have a subsidy or something?"

I watched about 3 minutes. The bit where Bob Katter awarded best independent release [it took a while for the penny to drop "Bob Katter? WTF? Why?"].

• He jumped on stage with a goofy "check me out!" look on his face after he was introduced.
• You could hear a pin drop.
• So much so that I thought there was no audience and that it was pre recorded.
• Then the hosts told him to hurry the fark up "it's not Parliament question time" were their words, I think.
• Bob pronounces it the ARARIA award [rhymes with Azaria].
• Not sure if he's a piss head, or just addled like Joh Bjelke-Petersen, but jeez he sounded drunk.
• I scramble for the remote to get this rubbish off, pronto. Would rather watch Stephen Fry mince about on remote New Zealand islands looking for giant crickets.

Cool, here it is, minus my first three bullet points: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5iLtoNr3C4

Tony, I had heard of the Stoner siblings, the McLymonts and Birds of Tokyo.
Sia and Washington both fell into some kind of generic Pink category, and will not be heard of again.
I had also heard of the biggest non-winner, Tame Impala. In spite of a Lame Imprimatur, they will be heard of again.
"Dan Sultan, Andrew Taylor, Chris Hansen and Craig Shuftan" -- not sure who they are, but the first two are quicks, Hansen is a left-arm medium trundler who probably bats a bit, and Craig Shuftan is the new wonder spin bowler who will get carted all over the place before the selectors try someone else.

Your description of the ceremonies is pretty apt, and I didn't even hear about Crowded House -- they are one of the four opinions I regularly regurgitate (word chosen carefully) so my opinions on them can be found elsewhere in cyberspace I presume.

Yes Tone, 'adult contemporary' scares me also.

the ARIA is rubbish, therefore, so are their awards.
I did not even glance at it.
www.messandnoise.com will keep you in the fruit loop if you need to know about new music, and that's where I found this comment
"metalchicks said:
I was at a taping of Spicks and Specks Renee was on earlier this year. She lit up a smoke on set causing the floor manager to flip, drank lots of red wine in between takes, told a few classic stories which ended up on the cutting room floor and talked about how old her kids were... if she hadnt aborted them"

I just clicked the link for the first time. What is this frog shit......?

Fascinator designer Kate Drinnan was shocked to return from Cup Day celebrations to find her red Mazda severely damaged by the singer's wrong turn.

"You do the right thing and park your car, you don't drive it and this happens,'' she said.
Hahaha! Park your car? So that implies you still drove somewhere? But you were too lousy to pony up the cash for a really good spot? Or maybe, just maybe, you had always planned to kick on somewhere in the vicinity after the Cup? And you're also kinda implying you were on the plonk that day. So when was your last drink? How did you get there? How is your parked car MAGICALLY going to get home?

Way too many questions for me to swallow that one at face value.

"At least she's okay, it's only a chunk of metal after all, it can be fixed."
The wisdom of farking Solomon, right there.

Is it just me, or did she sound like the female version of a Melbourne gangster? [There's been enough of them interviewed in the last few years. I'm getting a good feel for their cadence.]

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