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I like it, especially this one:

Long blasts are to indicate "I am going too fast to stop, so unless you get the hell out of my way you shall die"

...er, slightly modified for my own personal use.

They've actually left spaces where the other ten rules used to be! It's like they applied white-out to it.

The scandalous censorship aside, that "Naebo" lady has a career waiting for her after sport. Was her article ghosted by a journo? That was a pretty good read.

I've heard the ladies complain many a time that top level netball doesn't pay the bill$, and they also have to do normal stuff like have a job and get and education. Mateys, if that diary article wasn't a proof-positive example of laying off the training for a bit and having an education.... I mean, could you imagine Matthew Stokes writing something like that? Or nearly every other current AFL player?

/I take that all back if her piece was, indeed, ghosted.

//I worked with a chick called Renae. I dubbed her the Ren-Monster as opposed to Naebo. Gawd knows why, she was [still is] a great looking girl, it just came to me one day. Musta worked, coz the name stuck with all the other staff.

///What percentage of females wouldn't object to the word "monster" in her nickname? In my vast experience, only about 5-10% of females will tolerate ANY sort of nickname. What a top chick, eh?

////Ren-Monster > Naebo!

/////This is one example of hundreds. I am the dubber-of-nicknames King in deez 'ere parts. Youse Haf bin Warned.

Dave, that white space was so funny I took a screen shot for posterity.

I was returning to New Delhi from some bloody fort in Rajastan late one night and it was a nightmare. All the truckies were insane, with wide staring eyes. At a red light they all lined up across the road on both sides and when it went green, just charged straight across the intersection at each other, like British Bulldogs. And then we sort of filtered in between each other and came out the other side alive.

Killer fact! I have never been to what the United Nations classify as a Crazy Traffic Country. Unless you count Sydney.

Sadly, it isn't original. I recall seeing this in a forwarded email several months ago, and there are almost identical posts elsewhere.
See: http://vaisnavi.org/v3/?page_id=187 (3 Nov 2009), where the list of rules starts about halfway down.

Thanks, Oz. That casts the cutting in a very different light.

Bloody hell. Was she getting paid to write her dispatches?

Renae Hallinan = Helen Demidenko

I still reckon it was cut because Netball Nanny Australia were worried about offending the host nation. Otherwise, why leave just the one rule? "Reversing: no longer applicable since no vehicle in India has reverse gear."

"Renae Hallinan = Helen Demidenko"

Helen Demidenko never plagiarised anyone, she just lied about being ethnic, because lefty arty types weren't interested in publishing novels written by white people.

She has a blog: http://skepticlawyer.com.au/

Apart for getting the sack from the Brisbane Courier-Mail for *ahem* ALLEGATIONS of plagiarism.

And I coulda sworn she was ALLEGED to have swiped stuff for her book from Thomas Keneally. I'm surprised it doesn't specifically appear on eithers' Wikipedia page, but it's mentioned here:

"And distribution of the book was temporarily frozen after ALLEGATIONS were made that significant sections of the text had been plagiarized from published works by authors such as Thomas Keneally, Graham Greene, and Robin Morgan." [BOLDS mine]

Hey Yobbo, remember when that crazy nanny in the UK was plagiarising your blog? And other Aussie blogs. What ever happened to her?

No idea, really didn't worry me.

Didn't worry you?!!! Mate, that's not how I remember it. You were demanding her head on a platter.

It was pitchforks and flaming stakes at dawn.

Groundskeeper Yobbo. I've got him more as the love child of Lisa & Ralph Wiggum.

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