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I guess he's referring to Rooster players covering a hotel room in fecal matter, which in tabloid speak would constitute a rampage?

NRL: National Rugby Log.

Surely there is an obscure Irish sports writer who can cobble together an article on why NRL players shitting in corridors is all about running.

Holy crap. There are 107,000 matches on Google for "rampaging roosters" [with the quotation marks included].

It's the 23 Enigma all over again, but this time in adjective form.

/still not a pun

Rampaging rooster attacks Dechardonae lugging Easy Bake Oven at Tarpon Springs:

Rampaging rooster attacks girl

Police say it was first rooster attack in recent memory. The rooster and a hen were taken to the Humane Society.

Dechardonae Gaines, 2, was toddling down the sidewalk Monday lugging her Easy Bake Oven when she became the victim in one of the weirder animal attack cases police can recall.

In the cluster of beige houses at Lime Street and Safford Avenue where Dechardonae lives, man and chicken have coexisted peacefully for years in quiet defiance of city ordinance.

That ended Monday afternoon, when authorities apprehended the offending rooster, named Rockadoodle Two, and its sister, named Hen. Hen was not involved in the attack, police said.

"It glared at him."
The call surprised police, she said.

A chicken? they asked.

"I had known him since he was an egg," Kramer said.

"Shut up, he thinks he's witty".

"Just put the chicken in the Easy Bake Oven my parent's made me lug down the street" Dechardonae stated to police.

Rockadoodle is the second Tarpon Springs rooster to make news in recent months. This year, a woman battling cancer befriended a stray rooster named Roosty and declared the bird her guardian angel.

They need to change the name of the town from Tarpon Springs to Capon Springs.

In other chicken news. I always giggle when the League commentators call the Roosters the Chooks.

There was the famous programme error (back in the 80s?) when they were listed as the Rooters (I suppose Eastern Suburbs Rooters in those days).

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