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That story was mercilessly plundered from the excellent, and previously mentioned, The Angry Island by A.A.Gill.

True Tony, but to understand the joke you need to get to the Spartacus reference where Kirk Douglas was the protagonist.


Pretty funny - one of those references that has a lot of legs.

Larry David also does an unfunny spin on that joke in 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'.

Wiki doesn't mention Zeppo Douglas - does mention this guy - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Douglas

I mean - come on - Zeppo for the screw up son of a Hollywood star ? Too good to be true.

Oh, I know the origin, Guido.

And, hand-on-my-heart honest Injuns - Spartacus was on Foxtel last night.

And of course: "I'm Brian, and so is my wife."



I'm with you. I reckon it's suss. Funny, but.

The cousin tells the story of going to a Rugby union test back in the 70's and the ball was kicked very high for the Oz full back Roger Gould to catch. It seemed like an eternity for it to come down and when it finally did, poor old Gould got absolutely crunched by those big, mean All Blacks. He was covered by about 10 of them and there a collective gasp in the crowd. After a pause one wag yelled out "Welease Woger!" Someone else followed suit "Welease Woger!" Soon half the crowd was yelling it.

Spartacus was also on an ABC digital channel (22?) Sat night movies recently. Foxtel playing a case of "I'm Spartacus too"?

Can't remember if it was ABC2 or Fox Classics. Probably the latter since it was on two channels, so yes, they were DEFINITELY* doing a "We're Spartacus!"

* Indefinitely.

yep, I watched it too. it's terrific. John Huston rocking.
Massola pretty rancid blowing his trumpet at the walls of Jericho.

pleased to see TKY Craig here for footy week(s)

Thanks M.Stacks...
Unfortunately, I'm here for more than the footy weeks. The Tokyo life I love is over for a while, but I will return (possibly with corn-cob pipe in mouth as well).

Hi Craig. Enjoy here while you can then.

on Grog's OUTing, blogs v MSM today at The Drum, Jonathan Green:
"The subtext here is that journalism is Real Work best done by Real and Qualified people with both Names and the authority of Serious Commercial News Organisations or, better, properly constituted multi-national media conglomerates.

Which is where we begin to sense the sense of anxiety manifest in the attack on Grog's privacy, the sense of siege and threat felt in newsrooms like The Australian's"

... and the comments are enjoyable too. Some are by people who think Marieke*Hardy (on C.Pyne) is SERIOUS ... oh she is? ... well at least they all explained 'ad hominem' to me.

In terms of % of people in the crowd raucously laughing, two stand out for me.

At an indoor cricket presentation, one of the gun player's girlfriends was asked to come up and draw a raffle. It was just a simple "get ya gear off!" but it bought the roof down. Poor girl.

Ya gotta remember this was 20-25 years ago, and indoor cricket was a bit of a boozy yob knob chauvinist culture and "get ya gear off" ["take ya top off" etc.] was at the peak of its popularity. A bit like when "taxi!" used to be funny. I'm proud to say I was one of the few people who didn't LOL.

I think it helped that the gun player in question was one of those oddbod selfish types who, for some reason, chose to play a team sport. Cricket - being one of the least team sports as far as team sports go - seems to attract its fair share of said wankers. His guts would have been churning for sure. He would have taken it as a personal slight.

And the other?

I'm gonna have to nominate myself.

Once in a blue moon we'd get guest lecturers at university, often to push a pet cause. Once we got a MOTORBIKES ARE BAD! lecture as part of Human Biology 100 [complete with autopsy photos of people fucked up in accidents - what the hell?]

Anyway, one day it was decreed we'd be lectured by an anti smoking lobby group. I think this was in an Exercise Physiology lecture. Pitch black lecture theatre and a slide comes up with a dead body on the slab. Death caused by smoking of course, with the witty caption: SMOKED MEAT!

To which I yelled out "your old girl was smokin' my meat last night!" I tell ya - absolute farking pandemonium. I still get reminded and slaps on the back almost 20 years later.

The strange thing was, it was almost like a thought that accidentally got blurted out. I had recently met a guy from Canberra who introduced me to the joys of mum jokes. They were unheard of in deez here parts. Me and him and a very small circle of friends would rain mum jokes on each other to the point of inanity. That heckle would have got a golf clap at best within my group.

The 'ban contact sports' lecturer got the biggest crowds when I was at Uni because his video presentation had the biggest hits in it.

LOL Cam, seriously.

It's a rare day when I LOL sitting at the computer by myself.

I once asked whether a "Quality Assurance debriefing" meant we should take off and inspect our undies.

I was a pretty funny guy back then.

1977 called. The Kentucky Fried Movie wants its joke back.

Now Tony, if you'll just follow me to the back of the courtroom.

Objection, your honour, the council is leading the witness!

If it doesn't fit, you must acquit.

May God have mercy on your soul, Mr Cochran.

The AGB has a rather distinguished readership. Who knew.

I knew!

Leave me out of this, Tony.

Not sure if this is in the same vein, but I used to work with a guy who could say the most outrageous things and everybody would laugh. When the rest of us tried the same trick, people would look at us like we were sickos.
Example 1. One lunchtime we went to get something to eat and the guy in the shop was out the back fiddling around. When he reappeared there were about 20 people waiting to be served. The shop guy said, "Oh, is everybody right?" and my friend pointed to a one-legged guy and said, "This guy's having a bit of trouble, he's only got one leg."
Example 2. Extremely thin female co-worker came into the workroom, and was about 9.5 months pregnant with a huge stomach. My friend called out, "You decided not to go through with the abortion?"

The thing about the people who say outrageous things is that they don't realise they are doing it; the upshot is they are accidentally funny. The rest of us are trying to be funny, think we are being funny, but sound like tools.

Tony, this guy knew it, and he was extremely likeable. Total strangers would approach him and have fun, even after lines like: "That's a nice shirt you're wearing mate. Don't they make them in your size, though?" etc.

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