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It has been said before Taut Tone, and somewhere a newsreader, despite their Degree, will be saying how terrible the flooding is and possibly that "aid organisations will be watching on". I despair.

A few nights ago on WA ABC TV news a copper (name of Fyfe)was recounting the latest stabbing death in Northbridge. He said "the alleged victim has been conveyed to Royal Perth Hospital where life has been declared extinct."


I like headlines such as "Comatose man critical" -- what is he being critical of, and how can he express it if he's comatose? More understandable is "Knifing victim critical" -- he may be conscious, or may have noted a poor thrusting technique by his assailant, or he may have to wait longer than he would like in the emergency dept.

And I have just received some political waffle through the post that says "all voters will be impacted" -- as if we were some kind of wisdom teeth or engineering block.

You "impact the contest" so you can "impact the scoreboard".

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