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Bill Hunter. Or Rex Hunt.

Gummo Trotsky's a shoe in. (Mind you Gummo has a better line in titfers.)

For the sake of journalistic probity, full name please: Crime Family Patriarch Gummo Trotsky.

Boris and some other guy got wasted in Lygon St. Two seperate fatal shootings in the one day. Unusual day in Melbourne town.

"It's outrageous that it takes place on Lygon St, Melbourne," the police spokesman said.

Like no one associates Lygon with crime.

Crime and smart-arse waiters - that's the Lygon St Limbo.

I plump for Jack Thomspon, who has the right ziff and curmudgeonly approach, but facially Bryan Brown could do it.
More importantly, who will Myers get this year to play Santa now that Mr Chaouk is unavailable?
Did anyone else hear the fireman talking about the bordello inferno on Thursday night? He said (reasonably straight-faced) that it was difficult to bring the fire under control because of the rubber materials in the building. I think they refrained from mentioning that they suspected there had been arson around.

It would be a comedy if it starred Jack Thompson. Jack in a beard always makes me laugh.

Michael Caton ... no! JOHN JARRATT.

(Fabulous sub - you star.)

John Jarratt would be perfect... ABSOLUTELY NO QUESTION!!!!!!

Actually, he looks most like Ian McKellen. He's in town, even. And already has the beard.

Connecting the dots: desert + convicts + McKellen = they made The Prisoner here.

Definitely Sir Ian. "You Shall Not Pass!"

"Jack in a beard always makes me laugh" -- like the Robin Williams effect in reverse? Robin + beard = alleged tragedy ; Robin - beard = alleged comedy.

First noticed Beard Williams in Moscow on the Hudson. Strange look.

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