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If he is 'of Spanish appearance' then call me TKYJabulani.

Surely he is just an ordinary Melb kid!

Indeed. In fact, he looks like many of my students.

His sister has got a great rack.

Was released from prison 12 weeks ago after serving less than 12 months for arson.

He burned down a house to cover up fingerprints after he burgled it. That will generally achieve his aim.

Probably left his fingerprints on the petrol can.

Is "on the lamb" the opposite of "off the lamb"?

Meanwhile, closing in.

You know the most egregious aspect of this sad and sorry tale of crime, punishment and youth off the rails? Every time I see the name Rowntree I am reminded of my all time favourite lollies, Rowntrees fruit gums, which no longer exist.

"Are you tryin' to get crazy with me, SA?
Don't you know I'm loco?"

-Cypress Hill

Cisco was an SA, not Spanish. But I dunno where the series was set. Maybe he was Mexican? But you probably already knew this, Big Tone. Not wanting to preach.

You know the most egregious aspect of this sad and sorry tale of crime, punishment and youth off the rails? Every time I see the name Rowntree I am reminded of my all time favourite lollies, Rowntrees fruit gums, which no longer exist.

Just to clarify my comment above, I am reminded of Catriona Rowntree's magnificent chest puppies.

I don't know this Cypress Hill bidness, but since we are habla español, should not SA be esé?

He posted some provocative statements at a forum of melbournevictory
and friends there put a link to his FkBook profile which shows that:

David Rowntree likes:


Dont fall in love, fall off a bridge. It hurts less.
K-Rudd, I think we are due for another $900!
This guy JUST ASKED for help - LOOK what they did to him
No Fat Chicks!

Breaking Bad
The Sopranos


I made that comment in sadness. surfing and travelling are no longer an option.
Meanwhile, back at the forum, there is some funny stuff re the 'Spanish' description, and he comments as well, about his parole and state of mind -

Police hunt for gunman in Melbourne Park sports precinct
20 Jun 2010 by Manucharian
David Rowntree Want my Ps. I mean getting spear tackled off my bike by the head of the colac CIU literally before I could take my helmet off my head is not a good sign.10 June at 11:55 ffs. Quote Originally Posted by ROBINHO2CITY

The Melbourne Victory FC Community Forum - http://www.melbournevictory.net/forum/

Wow, thanks for that, Tony. Esé it is. One can never trust lyrics found on the 'net.

Although this link sorta implies they're one and the same. Who knows? Urban Dictionary is open to all comers.


Breaking Bad
The Sopranos

Cue moral panic about how watching those TV shows turned a nice altar boy into a violent criminal.

Interesting stuff Ann O'Dyne. But it won't let me search the forum unless I'm a member.

Is that chappie saying that Rowntree spear tackled him while he was riding his bike so he could steal his hand held Playstation?

Meth. Is there anything it can't do?

Biggy Baby,

I'll guarantee you've seen this bloke before. In his many fine character actor roles he says esé all the time.

Tony, "Don't forget my fruitgums, Mum!" -- not sure whether you remember that advertising line, but you obviously haven't forgotten. I was a Rowntree's pastilles person myself.

The guy definitely looks Spanish -- not sure whether it's Segovia Spanish, Juan Antonio Samaranch Spanish, or Antonio Banderas Spanish, or General Franco Spanish -- but he definitely looks Spanish

@Biggy above: I am on the Barongarook right now, where his family is. It's isolated rural.
I can hear Sunday tabloids cars rushing up the hill in search of whatever they do.
It is possible to read the forum comments (bogan hilarity re the Spanish thing) without being a member. try this

then scroll down past the pics of Spanish footballers.
It was, he says, colac*cops who flung him from his bike. I agree with Andrew Rule on that subject. a nasty bunch out here. Hughie Wilson RIP

It seems sad to me that this boy has had mega arrests without getting psych assistance by now.

Thanks Ann. It was hard to pick a winner there. But I went with this pic & comment:

"Bloke on the left looks like the real psycho imo. Vicpol should be keeping tabs on him."


Funny on a number of levels. Three levels. Funny on three levels.

It's all about levels.

yes I agree ... several 'levels'. person on left is definitely sociopathic, and even his peers know it. Look at that little group - think about them breeding. very scary. and they vote.
Helicopters were hovering today, there could be no other reason, in this area, than tabloids looking for the other 4 siblings. The cost to the state and the environment, of this screwed up child makes me wonder why we .... oh christ, I don't know.
Barwon Prison is a bogan's idea of A Hallowed Hall Of Learning. For them, it has cachet.

the Mess&Noise thread on this topic has some belly laughs,
the sombrero on the arrest photo isn't the funniest, nor
the suggestion that the cops merely wait till siesta time to catch him.
worth the clickthrough.

The kid was homeschooled in a religious family. I'd just like to throw that out there to annoy the people who think our high school is an iniquitous crack den. (It's a perfectly respectable crack den, thanks.)

I'll take a respectable, education system crack den before a home-school, bible-bashing crack den any day.

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