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"the $34 million his 2009 visit brought to the economy"

Show me the money, or at the very least the Auditor's report.

so that's a confirmation of adultery not being offensive to the State.
makes a joke out of the Family Court.
Is the State in contempt of the Federation I wonder?
what's the VGC spending $3mill on that the ticket cost won't cover?

Sedge, does someone actually, as opposed to politically, audit those claims?

Brownie, what can you tell me about the incident mentioned in the pre-amble to this Dingos filmclip, and the mean streets of Brighton?

shot in the chest by one of Kath*Pettingel's boys, 1am Nepean Highway East Brighton.
they didn't know who he was, it was just random.
Some bands put on a benefit and raised a fair whack to pay for his ICU bill, and after reading this in The Herald, the shooter actually phoned Chris's wife and said "Youse made money out of us shootin ya and half of it should be ours".

back on the Tiger topic: good piece by Rebecca Wilson in The Daily Telegraph concludes -
"He has defrauded me and the rest of the sporting public. He is not what he appeared to be and therefore should not be granted access to our hearts again.

Tiger Woods will bring in the cash, but when do we stop counting the dollars and start tallying up the damage he has done to our collective conscience?

Golf fans will not vote with their feet. Many more of us can, though, by simply ignoring the Tiger hype and making a pledge that win, lose or draw, our television sets will stay tuned to the cricket during the Masters"

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