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Check out the video which accompanies the following article. There's a bloke in the crowd yelling out "Tase him! Tase him!".


A POLICE officer used a Taser gun to apprehend a fan who ran onto the field during a Phillies major league baseball game last night, and the team and the police are investigating whether it was an appropriate use of force.

More pictures.

Two reasons I can tell the piggy was never gonna go for the good old fashioned takedown.

*Set of keys

Some of the Subi oval security guys mean business. They are fit buggers and wear footy boots with their sensible looking black slacks. I shit yaz not. Saw one guy chance his luck and he got dropped before he even made it to the boundary line!

Still love a good taserin' though. As I've said before: high comedy. And why exactly *should* a tubby, unfit cop risk injury doing it the old fashioned way, anyway?

People squeal about the initial taser guidelines from 20 years ago as if they were bought down from the friggen mountain by Moses.

Over to you, Yobbo......

Come to think of it, noticing the watch is due to my cricket days [of which I was a U-grade super star].

I was taught from a young age that anyone wearing a watch - especially when batting - screams: I AM A BUNNY I DON'T BELONG HERE!

yes Mr Biggy -'tubby enforcer' was my first thought. i often contemplate the money guards we all see illegally parked, by virtue of the holstered gun, as they waddle myopically into banks, and I always think even I could outrun or outmaneouvre them in a raid.
How do they get hired?
There'll be tasers at the G by Boxing Day.
I commend you all to the taser scene in The Hangover.

New runner, no taser:

Tase 'em again, Phillies' fans chant, at latest man to run onto field

The latest fan to run onto the field at a Phillies game Tuesday was charged with marijuana possession, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct and other counts.

Speaking of injuries. Terry Alderman wouldn't have done his shoulder if he had a taser.

Terry was a complete goose for doing that. Could never understand the media's 100% "poor Terry" stance.

Here is a video of some cops shooting a pet Corgi during a raid while the kids were at home. They managed to find a few grams of Mary Jane.

Here lie the remains of Biggy's Youtuber. [TT]

Now, Biggy.

Unless you are dyslexic and confusing "dog" with "God" I fail to see what your video has to do with anything. Was it maybe "edgy" and "pushing the envelope"? Or just "out of context"? Either way, it needs to be pulled.

It's all good mate, it's your blog. Delete away. Just a video of cops throwin' their weight around.

However, I'm bemused you couldn't see the "context" of the link.


I intentionally didn't get it. Security guards tasing ground invaders, I can handle; cops shooting dogs, I can't.

Nice work, Big Ram - calling out Yobbo for another genteel discussion on the merits of taser use in society. Time to pop the popcorn and chill the beer glasses.

I hope you get tasered and die, Big Ram. A large percentage of taser victims do. I really can't understand how you can find that sort of thing funny.

A "large percentage of taser victims" die.

You idiot citation needed.

I've linked this clip before on this blog and I'm not gonna go searching for it again... If you're a cop and you've politely asked some DUMB FAT LOUDMOUTH AGGRESSIVE BITCH 60 times to "please get out of the car" and she's still refusing.

Stick your head in and try and haul her out and get scratched to the shithouse and/or catch whatever nasty blood borne disease she has?

Fuck that shit. "Hey bitch, meet my friend, Mr André-Marie Ampère!"

ps: "Large percentage of taser victims."


IF all of us had a taser at all times, how very polite and considerate everything would become.
15 items in the 8-Items line? taser the bastard!

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