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Venus? Uranus, more like.

Boom! Crash!

am rolling around the floor in pun.
That photo is actually the most flattering ever, of her behind.
I will tell you this for free: every single woman who has ever seen the Williams sisters play tennis, wonders how they can have thunder-thighs when they get hours and hours of exercise every single day of the week, month, year(S). They prove to those of us trying to stay slim, that exertion is not part of any solution.

They don't have thunderthighs. They have muscular thighs, there's a difference.

The venus sisters are professional sportspeople who are required to do significant resistance weight training to remain competitive. All you need to do to not be a fatty is go for a jog a few times a week. It's hardly the same thing.

I'm with Yob, this time. Serena might be towing a wide load, but both sisters are very fit.

But to get back on topic, the undies?

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