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You have only made me wish I could see Hold The Back Page again, and gosh it was 25 years ago, but I do love David Warner in anything.
Back on topic - Anderson would have had to be .139 to be choosing crappy dominos pizza ...

When he got out of the car Anderson said "extra chilli, but hold the onions". Or thought.

My old man drove his Mazda 121 up the next door neighbour's front steps last year with the car becoming wedged, all 4 wheels completely off the ground, on the iron hand rail. What's more he was completely sober.

That's what you get for not driving under the influence.

The other neighbour's boys fixed and replaced his radiator for free so he went around their house with a case of VB to thank them. On the doorstep, the boy saw my old man had a spider on his shirt and pointed it out to him to which my dad yelled in surprise dropping the Kempsey Briefcase and smashing it all over their verandah.

Never a dull moment at my old man's place.

True Story.

carry a video camera at all times. You could be swimming in JVC products (or whatever it is they are giving away on Australia's Funniest Injuries these days).

No points for spelling.

Scubloke - who wouldn't want to win a JVC VCR?

They have a stupid segment in the H-S: Ando & Robbo At The Bar arguing over bullshit who-cares footy topics. I think they might be discontinuing that one. The Sunday H-S had an apology from Anderson in its sports section.

Can't believe The Back Page curse nearly claimed another victim. Could be the deadliest show on TV.

I thought Brendan Kangarupu was the funniest of all Billy Birmingham's made-up names.

I mean, they're all funny [to wit: Umpire Hugh Jass how funny is that?!] but Brendan Kangarupu is funny on a number of levels and it's all about levels.

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