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I smell BS. "Look at me being dumb. Let's yuk it up. Yuk yuk."

Au contraire, mon grand.

Yeah I know it was a real game. I'm just calling it shtick.

Like when Dancin' Dougie Hawkins used to say stupid things and Sam Newman would chastise him. Then it eventually evolved into shtick – saying stupid things on purpose or pretending to not know how to pronounce every 2nd word.


Your link even supports my theory. The show has apparently become a "must watch." Why?

"the real reason we love Soccer Saturday are the monumental cock-ups that occur from the commentators out in the field."

So surely there's now pressure on this clown to keep cocking up? Either directly or implied or both.

I'll shut up now.

BTW, a week or so before this post I checked a few of his other youtube highlights, thanks to this clip being an Internet Sensation™ featured on many sites I visit. So I'd just like to point out I didn't postulate my COMPLETELY AWESOME theory just on the evidence of this one cock up.

BTW BTW, long time between posts. I'm computerless at the moment so can only sporadically jump on here, plus my local library has banned your site due to it being "inappropriate" or something like that. AGB Cricket, too.

Bastard library 'net nanny turns the entire screen fire engine red, too. Just to make certain every joker behind me can see [and all tut tut and moralise about how I'm trying to access teh gey pr0n, no doubt]. Stupidly, I still usually try to check AGB every visit. Ha! Thems computers have good memories.

Shut up.

My blog is banned in China, too.

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