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At last!

If they keep this up, the MFC might have to release the inevitable "The Streak" DVD as a two-disc set.

This is an absolutely amazing photo!
There are 2 people in the background aged under 30, and neither appears to be using a mobile phone. Unbelievable! Unbelievable! Unbelievable! (sorry, that's my new ringtone, must see who's texting me)

The bird on the left is vogueing as a tribute to Malcolm McLaren.

Can I be the first to put in an order for the streak DVD?

Just noriced that number 5, who is going down like an Italian soccer player, has visible panty line BELOW his dacks.


The voguer is striking a phoney pose. (I see that look all the time at school.) What's the bet she has a mini phone in her hand. She's just dialled 1-800-we're-getting-spanked.

For the record, and puzzled northern readers. WARNEY is Matthew Warnock who has just BOWLED over The Virus, Crazy Joe Fevola.

The grin wins it for me.

In this case it's a shit-beating grin.

I'm assuming Warnock is wearing a mouthguard -- if not, what brand toothpaste is he using, because I want it.
Maybe that girl is phoning, she certainly has that distracted look you see in drivers who are wandering all over the road and having a good chuckle on their handheld mobile phone -- I especially like those who hold the phone to their left ear with their right hand so they can still change gear.

Warney bowls with a bended elbow. No ball, sir.

It's genetically bent. He can't straighten his arm.

Anyway, every other player bends their elbows, probably more than Warney -- it's been scietif, scientiffi, sientificly -- it's been proved by science.

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