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A cheep joke but a good one.

The Mighty Parramatta Eels - 2009 Premiers!!!!

Whooo hooooo!!!!

woot, woot, woot, woot, woot,.......

Victory and Justice at last!

RIP Storm.

Can we have Tod Lowrie back now please?

You can keep Brett Finch.

What's the point in keeping the Storm in the comp this year if they can't accrue any points?

It would be better to rejig the schedule so that every team gets a bye and 2 points, rather than some play the Storm, others don't.

The way the NRL have rejigged it where Storm still plays but only their opponents can get points is an advantage to anyone who plays the Storm twice. Time to check the schedule and see the impact on the top 8 for betting.

Bad luck Tones on the Storm. But they are a pack of rorters and everyone suspected it.

I wonder if the reffing will change as a result of the Storm being out of contention. Should open the game up considerably and get back to the Champagne Footy it was. No more Chicken Wings, markers out early, prolongued dominant tackles, Storm 5 metre defensive line, Cronk short forward passes to a forward in the offside position by a metre etc.

Oh, I forgot. The Dragons are still in the comp. Steady as she goes, as you were refs!


According to Gallop, who was just on Fox Sports News, neither Manly nor the Squeels will be given the premiership. Something about them not earning the right to hoist the trophy.

Speaking of the bookies.

It is interesting that so many punters managed to place a bet with the bookies between last night and today when Gallop announced the penalties. Is there a mole at NRL headquarters? How many bets were placed by NRL personnel? How come no one gave me the early?

No, the BALD parrot lives at orange-bellied hills. Get it right people.

I was just joking about the Eels winning the premiership. Everyone was robbed by those cheating Melbourne bastards.

The decision that Storm will play the rest of the season but not get any points is bizarre for the reasons stated but also because the NRL's push into Vic will collapse. Why would fans go to the new stadium with a dead duck team?

Better to make the Storm offload some players or reduce payments to within the cap, deduct the points so far and let them play on.

re. the betting: someone got $40 bucks on at 250/1. Nice little earner that one.

There's been a plunge on the Rapists this weekend since word is Thurston is playing. There's leaks all over the NRL.


Bald Parrot: "Who's a pretty boy?"


I am looking forward to this week's match. It will be rivetting watching how the Storm go about their business playing a game of rugby the know they can't win.

PS: An email suggests Bellamy was in on the fix and is set to be booted.

Bloody Victorians.

I think the least a politician could do is to teach the parrots how to feather their own nests

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