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I case you were wondering.

When you break, geez it's gonna be ugly.

What does 'virutally' mean. Sounds like a Spanish tennis player.

The period on the end of the first sentence was going to be a question mark but the cat ate the curly bit.

"The period on the end of the first sentence" ... I'm assuming you mean the "full stop".

Well..., no.
If it were a full stop I would have called it a full stop. If I had called it a full stop that would tend to indicate that it started life in that form, which would render the cat superfluous to the story.

I think "virutally" is one of those cool gen-y neticisms (not to be confused with witticisms), like "teh" for "the" as in, "teh interweb is made of pipes and tubes" (lord did I laugh at that one).

Tones is just getting down with the kids. Just wait till he reels out a "wot-evaaa biznitch,sneaaap gotcha there!"!

I feel pretty cool with a "locked on, rocked aaawwwn!" snapping finger to a gun pointing finger. I'm pretty sure that's still cool. Kids stare at me in awe when I throw it out there, usually with a "high fives all round, down low, too slow, sneeeeap!"


Virutally is an in-gag.

Have a close read of the tagline at the top of this page, underneath After Grog Blog.


I can virutally see you making wit' da hip, AND your kidz rolling their eyes in disdain.

seven is a number with some heavy juju man. More power to you.

Certainly is.

You learn something every day. I always thought that was an Alice Cooper song but he was in fact covering it on his Special Forces album.

The original is better.

You like that? You'll like this. And this. This, too.

Tones are you gunna have a big whinge when they raise the taxes on soft drinks because they are unhealthy due to too much sugar?

seriously - congratulation being off the slops for so long. You haven't missed much except a few good NZ whites and a nice lot of cheaper aus Shiraz and some Pinot Noirs with an actual bit of body.

The big thing you have missed if you were a beer drinker is the new decent beers around, Fat Yak, Hoegarden (possibly my fav) and Little creatures(my other local fav) - these are beers where, like a good coffee, you only need one stubby to appreciate it. The much desired next one is never as good. I've learn't to just have one. Big learning for me.

Last year I was home brewing a Little Creatures Clone but I don't drink enough to keep it up - so this year I had nothing on the go.

I do have a 76 year old aunt who not only home brews beer - she also has a working still and pumps out spirits for about $2 a litre and then flavours them to taste like southern comfort, etc Absinthes... She keeps urging me to set up a still land she'll coach me....

The other thing that MsFX has cottoned on to is a noice range of new crisp apple ciders now appearing - same deal - so nice that one is enough.

So now I drink less but pay more.

BTW - can youy recommend any good tasting non -alcoholic drinks - lemon lime amd saod - which brand? Chinotto is still great - any othersa?

I like the San Pellegrino grenades: limonata, mandarino, etc. I also like schweppes red cordial and soda, but I'm trying to cut down on softies.

Chinotto is an acquired taste, which I haven't yet acquired.

This Love band is amazing. I was just playing these to the mrs and getting her to guess when they were written and the guess was 70's. Seven Plus Seven Is was written in '65 and is punkier, faster and rockin than the best of punk.

Bummer in the Summer Hip Hop way way before it ever was thought of.

Forever Changes is #34 in Paul Gambaccini's Top 100 and I was going to get it but I thought the album cover looked to ghey. So many influences have come from this. Blown my mind. Good stuff.

When I say I was going to get the album I meant years ago. Definitely getting it now.

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