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Wow. Loved that guy. As you say most of the songs were pretty upbeat, emotional but upbeat.

By the way disagree with your earlier post - I much prefer Radio City - Way Out West, Back of a Car, September Gurls - come on. 'I Am The Cosmos' is pretty damn good too.

You disagree? With me? I find that very hard to believe.

The punchy guitar greatness of #1 Record clinches it for me.

Well I'm sure we can all agree that the third album was tosh.

30 years after the Boxtops, I heard Alex Chilton again on a 1991 Chet Baker tribute CD 'Medium Cool'. He sings on 3 or 4 tracks. Obscure album, but pretty good, especially if one likes Chet Baker.

I forget exactly how,(google probably) but because of the Chilton link, I then happened upon #1/Radio City.

And to further the link, the 'Big World' tribute album to Big Star.

Good stuff and AC is worthy of some respect.

Bangkok, the most fantastically and deliberately bad geography ever committed to record.

I missed Big Star but remember heqring the Box Tops' The Letter on the Stardust (that crap David Essex movie) soundtrack double LP. Like a lot of numbers I thought of as Joe Cocker songs, the original was an eye-opener.

Or, the Joe Cocker version was an eye closer.

Can we all agree that Joe Cocker was/is unmitigated garbage ?

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