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You know, I tried to work out if that statement was correct or not and I just gave up out of laziness. My brane hurts.

It's like a triple negative... and on top of that I always have trouble just resetting my clocks with the whole forward one hour / back one hour thang.

Seems like the sort of thing you'd get sorted out on the Sunday.

For some reason my phone (and primary source of time-like information) decided daylight savings had ended on Sunday. It remains an hour off. It seemed easier to let it have its way, and just remember it is out until daylight savings actually does end.

Biggy is right about the syntax and grammar. I sat for ages mulling over what he had said, trying to work out if it made any sense. What he meant was that he was late because he ballsed up the time, which was a stupid excuse in itself - I mean, who the hell says "I was late because of something that hasn't happened yet"? - but it also came out bizarre. He was also being serious; it was his genuine excuse.

Naturally I dismissed it with characteristic dexterity: "No one believes those daylight savings excuses."

I'm not unconvinced that such students will never fail to disappoint.

Big Ram - move to WA. The populace has voted repeatedly that they can't be arsed changing their clocks once a year. Problem solvered.

Side note - What is it with paint ads? I'm also a frequent user of "Wally Walpamur", and "Trust British Paints - Sure Can!

Must've been their high rotation on the cricket during my formative years.


Big Ram - just noticed: rhymes with Fig Jam - is a 'Groper. Do you remember a bloke who cycled around Perth in army greens who, when the traffic was heavy, would stick his head through open car windows and go "Ahhhhhhrrrrrr!!"?

That's Biggy.

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