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Think her name was Tatiana. Might be Natasha. Or Boris.

Torah Torah Torah on the anniversary of the Japs bombing Darwin.

Subby's paradise:

"Mormons celebrate the Torah"
"Torah Torah Torah"
"Torah The Explorer"
"Torah New A#$hole"

Well maybe not the last one. Or the first one for that matter.

Mormons? I thought they celebrated threesomes.

There are a lot of ABSOLUTE CHAMPIONS!!! according to Brayshaw in the sound bites I've had the misfortune of hearing. Brayshaw is such a tosser.

Torah Borealis Lights up the Halfpipe.

Oz Wants More o' Torah

That's all I've got.

snowboarding is only a gasp away from skateboarding - a BOGAN activity, so The Oi Oi Oi team is a gold medal bogan achievement. no surprise.

Torah Borealis.

Torah Torah Torah Oi Oi Oi.

Torah Borah. Next. What did I see on this site - 'If it doesn't have a ball it's not a sport'?


"Tatiana has worked amazingly hard to become an Australian!"

Whereas the rest of us seem to have achieved it through sickies, Rostered Days off and Long weekends.


It's not a sport to me. But since the AGB is an esteemed organ of record it needs to devote column space to all form of "entertainment" as well as provide the necessary categorisation for future reference.


You forgot reading on the dunny.

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