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Apart from an NFL match I can't think of a single ESPN show I've watched for more than 40 seconds. It runs on the same principle as Entertainment Tonight where they spend more time spruiking the item than the item itself. If you added up all the time dedicated to ads for ESPN press pass it would total more than the duration of the show itself.

Fortunately, ESPN in the US is much better. From the description, I wouldn't watch what Aussies get either.

Pretty fair parallel with ET. One long ad dressed up as "news" when it is in fact unwatchable rubbish.

Is our ESPN some kind of best-of? I mean, are there channels dedicated to World's Strongest Man, Pardon The Interruption, Around the Horn, etc, but ESPN cherry pick them for an international feed? It's like one giant ad. They should piss it off and let us have their NFL feed and if you are so inclined, that is to say a complete imbecile, you can have the bowling feed, the rodeo feed, the large mouth bass fishing feed.

Foxtel, in general, has a packaging problem, too. If it were up to me I would buy Fox Sports 1/2/3, a couple of movie channels, some of the doco channels, and a few others, but instead I have to buy bunches of channels.

From memory there were at least 3 ESPN channels when we were in the US.

We've got a couple of high windows with no curtains. Shits me. Coz anyone walking past can see we're watching TV. And anyone living nearby can work out what we're watching.

So I stupidly left the mens doubles on while I was mucking about with the computer, now all the neighbours think I'm gay.

Living away from Melbourne for as long as I have (about 4 years), it is difficult to make an accurate modern assessment.

That said, my memory of 7sport coverage was that it always seemed to be delivered in a condescending tone... like they were tailoring the delivery to 10 year olds.

Drove me away from watching the footy on TV completely.

As to ESPN... the content in Japan is excellent c.f what Tony has described.
The ESPN I have seen in hotels in Asia (programed from Singapore) is also similar to Australia... weak on content and full of 'filler'.

I can only guess the rights to the quality was bought by Fox/Rupert for Asia/Pac, and ESPN miss out.

me and my wife have been researching 2012 for about 2 years now and have allready started planning they say by 2010 you will see it in the sky and i think thats about the time we will have everything ready we are looking to start a survival group or if anyone else has one that we can join let me know ill check back later thanks

Some truth about 2012

[Took the URL out. Should you be interested you can Google it. TT]

Another challenger for worst comment?

Dunno, TK.

In the Fev post, Hordarrorgo - "I do think this is a most incredible website for proclaiming great wonders of Our God! - has just posted another contender.

Although, I like to think of them as Worst Best.

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