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Is Pigeon English Glenn McGrath's mother tongue?

Yes, well Henri is French you see... and Australia -part of the Pacific, or even Asia- still has its 'cultural cringe' crutches on to this day. Anything 'European' (perhaps Western Europe at least) is still the best thing since sliced bread.

... or perhaps Croissants in this instance.

If Seven want crazy, they should get Marat Safin. Bring back Pat Cash, too. He always says the things you shouldn't say.

What happened to McEnroe? Too expensive, or too much of a loose cannon?

...p.s. I really dislike tennis.

I might listen if it was Richard Burton. Or even Garrison Keilor.

But I did watch Thrilla in Manila. I got a lot more respect for Smokin' Joe now.

Sandy Roberts always keeps me on the edge of my seat waiting for another clanger. He did his best work at the Nagano Winter Olympics though - clearly pissed for a good deal of the time and utterly clueless about the events, very funny.

Google has spoken: who's the weird french commentator for seven; commentator Henri Leconte biased; henri le conte commentary good or bad.

McEnroe was too expensive; Richard Burton deserves the VB/Mellion treatment; not only does Sandy seem pissed and clueless, he is pompous with it.

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