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Wanted for questioning. http://abortmag.com/abortpegs/abortequin.jpg

The "so proudly we fail forever" tour. Sounds like the StKilda motto.

Who was the dummy that lit it?

At least the newsreaders have returned to saying mannekin, not mannekwin.

Sorry, but I had to do this:


Either that or a picture of Chucky.

How about Chucky and a dugong?

As you know I'm a sporting dissenter - a non believer - as Hawkins is to believers I am to sport.

There is one sport I did participate in and still have some, albeit disappointing, interest in. Boxing.

Can any of youse sporting mavens tell me where I might read some thoughtful analysis of the Green /Roy Jones stoush?

I didn't pay any attention to it, thinking they would be like Mundine and the crop from the last 15 years or so - just brawler braggarts instead of boxers.

I don't know where to look for some information about their respective talents and skills. Was Green just a lucky palooka who accidentally landed one early? Can either of them box?

FX, I'm just as in the dark as you. Didn't see the fight, and only read/heard the post-fight media debates, which were less than enlightening.


Theres a bit of analysis there if you wade through all the comments.

Something like this. Jones used to be good but has gone downhill a bit. No legs. 40 years old.
Green is 36 and not bad fighter /battler.

Apparently Green was a champ and Jones challenger.

When Mundine beat Green - Green had had to lose weight and come down at least one division. And Mundine danced away all night without engaging.


This here review below is about the most comprehensive you will get:


A number of people – who clearly have never successfully absorbed the wisdom of the old folk expression beginning “Be careful what you wish for…” – have asked my opinion on the 122 seconds of lickety-split sporting history that comprised the entire Danny Green-Roy Jones Jr fight from last week.

FOR: The initial knockdown punch was abso-lartly-freaking awesome from a technical PoV. And it was so slick and powerful I missed on first viewing. Worth a freezeframe if you've got the time. It's all over youtube.

PRO: But having said that, it looks like a glancing blow to the back of the head, and nowhere near the temple.

Qs: Any pugilists out there wanna tell me why I shouldn't be dubious? Not only did he go down like a sack of spuds but he also briefly grovels on the floor. Didn’t look like he landed it.

And as for the other minute or so after that…

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Tones thanks for that link - the Leapster delivers.

I like to know how Larry rates thee guys against the good boxers from the past. But I'd guess he'd say the guys from the past aren't around now - so it's moot....

Two fights prior I was loving the work of young Will Tomlinson against the American Kimbrough, who came across with decent wraps and got sent back home with the tail between the legs.

Best shot of the night by far (although not up against much) and could be a bit of a contender going forward, only having had the 10 fights. Doesn't take any crapola from the flashy Seppos either which was good to see.

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