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I'd rather hear about Bayswater Jayco (the home of happy caravans) than 39 out of the top 40.

And Wolter's Steel & Mesh.

Dear Arthur, from a person who wishes that every purchaser of a Koilie Mynogue trill, had instead purchased say, MILES DAVIS, I am so glad to hear that you have not heard any of the bad jazz.
There must be some bad jazz - there's good and bad examples of everything.
Just as there is bad pop, there is crap 'classic' too.
The trick is to only expose yourself to the good stuff, the good blogs, the good people.

Tone - that AMericanOilCOmpany ad encouraging people to idly roar up and down the highways pointlessly wasting fuel, came right before the international fuel crisis of 1974.
That's where AMOCO has gone.
Up in fumes.

Can't recall a lot of great ad jingles. Great TV themes ? Too many to count. Jazz ? Apart from the Benny Hill music nothing comes to mind - though on second thoughts that should count as a TV theme.

This 30 year old advert jingle is seared into my brane.


Great comments too. From peeps who were in the advert and/or their crotch fruit.

[I was *ahem* 12 months old at the time]

Sorry, that was a link to the full comments. Advert here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OF_qDofRMsY

"Can't recall a lot of great ad jingles" ...

Big M girls.
See em on the beaches.

Surely you have that sneaky zoom closeup of the bikini bottoms diving into the waves seared into your teen consciousness?

Every time I saw it I visualised the ad exec thinking how he could slip it by the client.

2. there's nothing wrong with Stephen Cummings "I feel better now!" for that health fund.

Paul Williams wrote more than several great jingles which became pop best-sellers.
here's the scary link - to Paul, Coke, Maccas, Kraftwerk, Andy Williams, The WHO and even John Lennon.


Still the best advertising jingle of all time.

Awesome link, Yobbo. I like how Hooksey's push ups are so hard core that his hair is flyin' around.

The sidebar link "Michael Bevan last ball four - SCG 1995/96" features Bill Lawrie at his maniacal best, IMO. Billy Birmingham couldn't have said it better.

The 7 promo for tennis wasn't bad "There ain't nothin' better on a sunny day than to play it. If ya don't like the weather you can stay inside and just watch it..." Will youtube deliver?

Not 100% sure, but I think the person/people who did the Amoco ad also did Come on Aussie, Come on and all its variations. The Windies version, Come on Aussie show us what you got, goes alright, too.

The best version was the one sung at Kerry Packer's funeral.

Among other ads they also did you oughta be congratulated, I feel like a Tooheys and the "whack, whack, whacka do" Toyota ad, which I can't find.

The guy who sings them, Sidney Hill, has a sensational voice for the caper.

Football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars. Absolute pisser. I only remember the radio jingle.


The voice over dude sounds awfully familiar. Name is on the tip of my tongue.
"The Windies version, Come on Aussie show us what you got" was also one of my favourites. I was slightly dark when they finally retired the song. What did they replace it with? "Go Aussie, Go!" or something?

Note the a-bit-too prominent ACB logo at the end? I'm guessing that must have been right after the ACB and Kerry Packer kissed and made up?

[Aus] What about our pace men?
[WI] Brother, we'll disgrace dem!


Very mid 70's this one:

Watching those C'mon Aussie and Windies ads you can only shake your head at how low the Windies aura has slipped. They were untouchable back then.

Also driving home how abominable those current day KFC and phone ads are.

The modern KFC ads are abominable. Not a patch on this old KFC ad.

Fatty Hugo and fatty sister bouncing along in their chubby car to the local KFC to pork out on the latest bucketful of KFC, all to a very catchy tune. Brilliant.

Only minor issue with those neo-realist marketeers - when Hugo took a bite of the drumstick, he should have scoffed the whole stick, only leaving the bone, then patted his swelling stomach and burped.

"I know a place where the food is great and the lights are always low..."

...is one of my fave fast food jingles. Pizza hut, late 70s early 80s. A cover by Petula Clark, I'm recently lead to believe.

I couldn't find it online, but I did find one where dad spoofs his dacks when he sucks on a middy of beer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFLCVDGSyHo

Go on, Tone. You know you want to!

Rich: I know where you're coming from. Friar Tuck in the old Robin Hood cartoon.

Biggy Baby: Get a grip. If that dad is creaming his jeans at the taste of that beer, then there's only one thing to say: "I'll have what he's not having."

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