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On the 7:00 Report last night, tool panelist James Mathison accused Mark Kavanagh via live interview of having a big day [read: being drunk].

He even asked [read: accused] him twice in a row without waiting for an answer.

Anyway, Mark Kavanagh cooly replied in the negative and that he had, in fact, taken it pretty easy, but planned on having a big night.

*awkward silence*

Bugger me! I read that as the 7:30 Report and couldn't work out what your comment was on about. Lucky I re-read it before I went off at a tangent.

What is this 7:00 Report, anyway?

Funny! As I was typing I was getting confused as well. The image of Kerry "Red Kezza" O'Brien kept on popping into my head. So much so that I Googled to check that's what it was really called.

Format-wise, 7:00 Report = The Panel

But without that annoying self righteous unfunny prick in Michael Sitch. And that facking uber bimbo waste of space Kate Langbroek. And brain dead Santo, et al.

Complete fluff. OK to have on as background noise. Even Hughsey is bearable.

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