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We all know its the Medium Sized Yellow Taxi and if that's the only song you know then you probably wouldn't like Joni Mitchell.

Anyway - I thought the question was "What Canadian singer sang a song about it but never went to Woodstock" - or have I mixed up my nights and questions.

Tones music collection consists of Linda Ronstadt and Jimmy Buffett - he's a geuine fan - even called himself a Parrothead once. He plays "Pencil Thin Moustache" about once a month. I notice he never plays any of Buffet songs about smoking dope.

I'd suggestTony The Teach rings up and has a short banter on air with Tones the Quizta about how good Jimmy is - then requests "Why don't We Get Drunk and F***" - see how quick Delroy can hit the 7 second button.

I turned the radio on after the initial question. The first bit I heard was "singer/songwriter at Woodstock" which made me think of Joan Baez. But during the "back-n-forth, prompting, hints, nudge, nudge" Tones and the production booth must have been debating whether Joni was or wasn't at Woodstock. When Tones rephrased the question for the caller it became "Which female Canadian singer/songwriter released the albums Ladies in the Canyon, Blue and Court & Spark?"

I'm more likely to ring up Tones and tell him that Jimmy Buffet is reggae for drunken lawyers.

Jimmy Buffet? Jimmy Smorgasbord, then.

You seem to be listening to a lot of radio lately, Tone. This is a worrying development.

Worrying deportments? There are no worrying departments? I've always tic listened to a tic lot of gaaaaaahhh radio.

TonyT is famous in Melbourne Radio talkback as John from Brighton

Tie a little yellow taxi round that old oak tree.

She wore an itsy-witsy teeny-weeny yellow polka dot submarine.

We used to sing this song in primary school: "Yellow river, yellow river, it's in your bed, running down your leg."

I thought people from the Yellow River were supposed to be under your bed in those days.

Nowadays, they own the local mine.

All Yellow Rivers look the same to me.

Little Yellow Spider anyone?

Don't eat the yellow snow!


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