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And talk-back presenters?

Imagine that, just hours and hours of talk-back silence. Though I suppose it would matter a bit if it was the wrong sort of silence.

No, the presenters can stick to talking to their guests and live under the threat of sacking if they ever utter the dreadful words "Ring in with your favourite Cox Plate/holiday toothache/kitchen smell memory."

My favourite moment on the After Grog Blog was when Tony ......

There are too many to list. Hold your calls.

No muppets on this blog.

No muppets except for * seven second delay *...

My favourite TalkBackRadio moments are those when I am not hearing it.

Now see! See! This is what I'm talking about.

3AW, with Tom Elliott and Jim Schemri, have got listeners calling in with their favourite sports fillums.

This lady rings in and says "My favourite is Cool Runnings, about these African bob-sledders."

African? Sure, dey is black, but dey is from Jamaica, mon. Cool Runnings, geddit? Cool, as in cool, mon. Rasta. "Is that a Bob Marley spliff?"

Has she even seen it, or has someone told her about this cool fillum about black guys and the Winter Olympics?



Bloke calls in: "My favourite sports fillum is Hoosiers."

Jim: "That's right. Top fillum. Gene Hackman is a basketball coach in... where is it, again?"

Bloke Caller: "Mississippi."

Jim: "That's right."

Mississippi?!? The Old Miss?!? The Magnolia State?!?

Bloke, mate, it's Indiana. The Hoosier state. You know, Breaking Away, Larry Bird, Notre Dame, the state where hoops is a religion. Like they said in the film, like, at least 23,974 times.

Someone please put a stop to this madness.

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