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Twenty to One Celebrity insults, No. 2:
Jenny Brockie needs a Wardrobe Stylist.

I will need therapy to erase the vision of her Insight ensemble of this past week - black hosiery with white ankle strap shoes. truly horrifying.

brownie - exactly what Ms fx said

A texter to my 774 radio signal wireless transistor wrote that Bert looked like a "botoxed Kabuki doll". A follow up caller agreed. Then, so too did Molly.

Tonight on the News, Tamara Oudyn was wearing an unsavory bloused affair. Watching the vision for her post-show wrap she is bound to realise that should should have taken it off.


Can I add to the snark and say:

**Scotty Cam needs to open his freaken eyes. Dye his hair black and give him a bowl cut and he would fair dinkum look Chinese.

**Anyone with a flavour saver needs to be put down.

**Dicko + Tim Watson = Michael McGurk. In the looks department, that is.

**WHAT is that thing that has appeared on Andrew Voss' head in the last couple of days?!

**In 1984, Cameron Williams posed nude for a centrefold in Cleo magazine under the pseudonym "Jim Elliot".

Not Big Jim Elliot?

Big Magda beaten by Bert and by Food (again)(still)
Colin Vickery in H-Sun 9-9-09:

MAGDA Szubanski ... ratings last night ... new clip show The Spearman Experiment (1.039 million viewers nationally) was easily beaten by a repeat episode of Nine’s 20 to 1, hosted by Newton (1.228 million).

Spearman also lost out to Seven’s World Food Spectacular, which featured former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins (also 1.228 million)

Yeah, but 20-1 had Fairlie Arrow, the Paxtons, Party Boy Corey, in short, the lot.

Magda Szubanski. Makes my skin crawl how many impressionable young girls that FAT CARNT must have influenced over the years.

Then she hits 50 and goes, jeez maybe being a FAT CARNT isn't so wise after all?

Let me go all media whore as I try and lose the weight.

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