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Me, I'm a big fan of Robbie Flowers.

And Icehouses.

Nice one, Tony Tease.

Thank youse.

and Keith Richards ... Jennifer Byrnes probably is too.

Just like the other two Richards, Cliff and Little.

I hear that Brian Aldisss's basss voice is rather pleassant.

It leads to a grammar question: Charless Dickens'ss bookss? Or Charless Dickenss's books?

Fvck knowss.

I saw her at Myers once.

Did she have more front than?

Not my favourite bookstore Readings Hawthorn?

No service and with a condescending sneer.

Indeed. Readings, Hawthorn.

"Sigh. It's in the back. Next."

Good tea, but.

heh - That must have been on their friendly day when their guard was down.

I must write to www.bookdepository.co.uk and tell then they should give regular bonuses to all the staff at Readings Hawthorn - for singlehandedly driving more people than even the Australian book surcharge to get online and have cheaper books quicker and more politely and from overseas.

The Book Surcharge is doing a fine job protecting foreign publishers' and authors' profits.

oh I am so glad to read that.
I wish I had not spent $200 there and then asked for a Carters Guide ($125) - the counter jumper sighed and said "No we don't have that". I found it myself while searching for an alternative, and like a fool I gave them the money.
Carlton's just as bad.
I don't know why they bother having 'authors reading events' and then act as though it's an imposition to sell one the damn book.

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