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I must confess to having allowed "the paint" to osmose into my FanFooty match blogs. I shall avoid it in future after this much-needed rebuke.

I prefer footy on the radio. I think the ABC does a great job.

I like Lane and Whately. They are conscious of the fact that they are calling for a national audience and so do the best job of telling us what is actually happening. I also mostly agree with their positions on things like holding the ball. Tim occasionally lets a bee get into his bonnet but I refuse to deal with the other clowns.

Vale Clinton Grybas.

Grybas would have been a monty (boom tish) to use "the paint".

Is is too soon after his passing to say that I never liked Clinton's Joe Buck-lite, manufactured American style.

Whately has been on Before The Bounce and he is comprehensively too smart for those footy trogs. Mind you, it wouldn't be hard to shine among the appalling Dunstall/Frawley challenge fiasco.

BTB has gone from must see to actively avoiding the shit. League Teams seems like Citizen Cane compared with that rubbish.

gotta give your hands off = give them a hand + take your hats off[?] I enjoy mixed mataphor spotting.

gives it some sky

What is the etymology of "gives it a big roost"?

The term makes me chuckle.

That's Citizen Kane by the way...

I'd give Before The Bounce a big roost. Right out of the Foxtel studios.

"gives it a big roost" = "Goes the journey" with chicken salt.

We desperately need a AFL Tactics type show in the same guise as NRL Tactics, which I watched fully for the first time the other night, and was fantastic. Would be a good vehicle for a new unknown talent I reckon, instead of the jokers we're already subjected to.

I'd kill for a show like that.

Our shows that are supposed to be entertaining are anything but. (The Footy Show)

Our shows that are supposed to be informative lack good information. (On The Couch.) And don't you get sick of them concocting stats graphics to back up obvious points of view that need no illustration.

And our shows that are a bit of each can't seem to get the mix right between entertainment and information. (The rest.)

If it was up to me, I would cherry pick AFL Teams and Footy Classified.

I'm not a big wrap for the Nine Rugby Footy show. But in general the rugby league shows appear to be more natural and less pretentious than our footy shows.

A tentative observation: is it just possible that it is easier to talk/demonstrate Rugby League tactics.

Wait, the NRL has tactics!?! Here I was thinking it was all about a big bloke getting the ball and running into a different big bloke really fast.

Just listened to the GF (via the internet), both the shouting 3AW and the ABC wa~hless commentary.
Both sounded good for a bloke in Tokyo who gets rock-all footy on the telly or radio here.

Anyway, well done CATS, pinched a cliff-hanger. Saints will have to come back again.

...and my Tigers will need another decade!

I've a sneaking suspicion that the Saints might have missed their window of opportunity. For me, the Malthouse clock has St Kilda at five past the hour. NGASAEB.

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