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gene wilder's wig is missing?

Johnny Depp is missing.

GW starred in the 1971 original, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. JD starred in the 2005 remake, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

And, my bullshit detector is tingling. Has the reviewer seen the original, or is s/he regurgitating someone else's opinion? JD is the Prince clone, not GW.

I would not expect a TV 'Guide' to get anything right.
I loathed the 71 version enough to ignore the remake. The hero kid looked to me like one of the 'Children Of The Damned'.

Did you know that Warren Oates made 6 films with Sam Peckinpah?
I expect Baz Luhridd will soon remake The Wild Bunch with Hugh Jackman, Geoffrey Rush and Russell Crowe.

On that quiz show on ABC TV Sunday a guy got a perfect score on his speciality subject -Wrestlemania episodes 1 - 20. All the rest were the usual Henry The V111's wives etc.

Also: Oompa Loomas.

Either Depp's wrong or the description's wrong.

In 1971, Depp was eight/nine years old, so that's a trifecta of Wrongkaness.

MS: There are few movies from my kiddiehood that stood out as much as WW&TCF. Scared the bejeezus out of me.

FX: Wrestlemania certainly got 'em all right, but Six Wives won.

TT: You didn't ever see the Oompah Loomas. They were worked in the clothing mill.

There was one in a cage, but it wasn't moving.

The review gives it one star. That's about right.


Hilarious title.

Carn: There was what in a cage?

Biggy: Sarcasm becalms you.

No, seriously.

I scrolled down a bit too quick and missed your title. So I was trying to guess... all involving the word WANKER, of course. Had a good old laff when I scrolled back up.

It's what Marge told Bart when he asked if she saw an oompa-loompa at the sugar refinery. It kind of fitted with your previous comment.

Comments 8, 10, and 12 have got me in hysterics. It took me a while to piece together all the information starting at number 12, so this made it rewarding AND funny. Please note this thread is all about me.

Just don't ask me to change the title to BIG WRAMIFICATIONS.

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